SEO for Ecommerce: The secret sauce to profitable growth

January 25, 2022

50 minutes


Dan Kalinski

Managing Director, ANZ Neil Patel Digital

Matt Santos

VP of Product and Strategy, Neil Patel Digital

Calin Arthy

Enterprise Support Specialist, Maropost

Key Takeaways:

The Power of SEO

Why it’s vital for ecommerce businesses

Ecommerce SEO

Learn the latest trends and how to stay above your competition

Best Revenue Driver

How to use SEO to 5x conversions and grow your business

Put it into action

How you can immediately implement these strategies with Maropost


Want to increase your ROI, consistently get high-quality traffic to your ecommerce website AND sell more without paying for ads?

It may sound good to be true, but we have the secret sauce: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

We’ve invited our friends from Neil Patel Digital, the ultimate SEO experts, to talk about everything you need to know about SEO for ecommerce.  

Join our expert panel to learn, ask your questions in our live Q+A, and scale your ecommerce business faster with SEO!

You’ll find this webinar useful if: 

  • You need a refresher or want to learn the latest ecommerce SEO tools, best practices and strategies  
  • You want to see how others are killing the game & learn from the industry’s leading experts 
  • You’d want to one-up your competitors and boost your ROI


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