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Automate multichannel marketing for every audience

Centralize campaign management
Create and deploy personalized, data-driven email, social media, and SMS. Because Marketing Cloud helps you quickly and automatically attract, convert, and retain your audience, it's the only tool you need to foster customer engagement and growth.

Improve cross-channel engagement
Design high-converting emails, targeted SMS, and push notifications that reach customers at the right time and place. Plus, Marketing Cloud’s dynamic landing page builder makes it easy to craft customized web experiences that resonate with your audience.

Build custom journeys for each shopper
Tailor every customer's journey to their unique needs and preferences with Marketing Cloud’s native Journey Builder. This powerful tool lets you individualize experiences by audience segment, channel, and behavior. Understand and use audience nuances to create more effective, personalized campaigns.

Use buyer data to connect shoppers with your campaigns

Boost engagement and acquisition with real-time insights.
Use customer profile data and real-time analytics to extend your reach and strengthen relationships. Then transform website visitors into leads with Marketing Cloud’s Acquisition Builder. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface creates lightboxes, forms, and surveys that make growing your marketing database effortless.

Reach more inboxes with improved email delivery
Make sure your emails reach the right inboxes with Marketing Cloud’s 98% deliverability rate. Take advantage of advanced tools like Deliverability Score and Spam Checker for higher inbox placement. Plus, analyze comprehensive reporting to continuously improve the quality and relevance of your campaigns.

Automatically deliver the right offers at the right times

Informed by previous customer interactions, Marketing Cloud automates customized communications that surface what shoppers want, when they’re most likely to buy it.

Personalize every email

Create rich, hyper-customized email campaigns that convert. Deliver messages and offers at the right time. Use detailed analytics you need to grow your audience — and your revenue.

Explore email automation
Personalize every email

Customize landing pages for every visitor

Create unique, conversion-driving web experiences by integrating shopper purchase data and site activity into their browsing. Marketing Cloud’s dynamic landing page builder transitions buyer experiences from email to the web.

Explore website visitor tracking
Customize landing pages for every visitor

Expand your reach to social

Expand your marketing reach beyond email. Launch campaigns across channels, turning leads into customers with seamless integrations, linking messaging across email, landing pages, SMS, and social media.

Explore social media marketing
Expand your reach to social

Text the right messages at the right moments

Engage on-the-go users with tailored SMS, texts, and push notifications, employing behavior-driven journeys for effective, cross-channel engagement.

Explore text and SMS marketing
Text the right messages at the right moments
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Do more with your existing tech stack by connecting Marketing Cloud to more than 400 leading tools.

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