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Ultra-personalize shopping to accelerate conversion

Pinpoint just-right recommendations in real-time
For customers, Findify is like having a personal shopper who always knows exactly what they want (even when they’re not sure). Its machine learning-powered site search not only prioritizes trending products, it dynamically serves unique recommendations based on each customer’s prior purchases, interactions, and behaviors.

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Fast-track discovery with advanced search
Under the hood, Findify uses Natural Language Processing, dynamic filtering, and advanced search accuracy to make it easier for visitors to find precisely what they’re looking for. It knows the difference between products, sizes, and colors. Findify even predicts typing — and deciphers typos and misspellings — so shoppers make fewer stops along their path to purchase.

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Boost ecommerce performance with data and integrations

Optimize merchandising with robust insights and analytics
With real-time access to customer data, you’ll reveal new business opportunities and shopper insights, behaviors, and future needs. Easy to use, Findify’s dashboard is where you’ll manage and personalize shopping experiences from discovery through purchase. It also lets you track each step of every buyer’s journey.

Get more from ecommerce software by integrating Findify
Power up leading ecommerce software — like Neto by Maropost, Shopify, and others — with Findify’s customizable search, merchandising, and personalization features. Sync cross-platform data in real-time in addition to your brand’s colors, fonts, and personality. Integration is seamless, fast, and easy, but our top-notch support staff are on standby if you need them.

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Smart merchandising and search

Transform ecommerce experiences with Findify’s enhanced search, personalized recommendations, and real-time data synchronization.

Hyper-personalize search

Make discovery magical with AI that knows what each shopper wants. With autocomplete, enhanced accuracy, and real-time machine learning, Findify reduces search time and keystrokes so visitors find exactly what they need faster.

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Hyper-personalize search

Increase order size with relevant recommendations

Set up in just a few clicks, Findify recommendation widgets include “Hot Sellers,”, “Recently Viewed,” and “Customers Also Viewed.”

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Increase order size with relevant recommendations

Create bespoke Smart Collections

Smart Collections deliver one-of-a-kind shopping experiences. With products ranked according to individual preferences, they’re dynamically personalized assortments created for each shopper.

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Create bespoke Smart Collections

Sync data with ecommerce software in real-time

With Active Sync, your online store’s product data is always current, from prices to stock levels, metadata, and tags. Integration is seamless and synching is automatic.

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Sync data with ecommerce software in real-time
The power of Findify personalization

Shift sales into
high gear

How a premium auto parts store accelerated conversion by 25%

Power up personalization with Findify integrations

Enhance your ecommerce software with Findify’s search, merchandising, and personalization features.  

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