Guide Topics:

What is Automation?

Email Automation: Possibilities, Pros & Cons and Best Practices

SMS Automation: How-to, Examples and Ideas

Personalization: What, Why and How

Case Studies: How They Did It (And How You Can Get Started)


Growing an ecommerce brand is hard work. Over the years, businesses have optimized and adapted to find ways to make processes more efficient and lucrative. Automation has been a huge part of this change.

In short, automation helps your business scale without breaking the bank…or your employees! Email and SMS marketing reach your audience where they’re at.

This ebook from Maropost will explore the benefits and risks of email and SMS marketing, alongside some best practices and case studies, to inspire and better inform your own automation strategies.

If they don’t buy, we’ll give you your money back! (Just kidding, this guide is free)