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Delight customers, earn more of their business

Consolidate customer touchpoints
When you integrate ecommerce software like Neto by Maropost with Service Cloud, you gain a single view of each customer. Unified Customer Profiles collect and connect marketing, sales, and support interactions that span all your stores and marketplaces.

Elevate customer service
Service Cloud can help you improve customer engagement and retention: By equipping service agents with real-time order information, Unified Customer Profiles help agents resolve customer needs more efficiently and effectively.

Help agents sell who they serve

Access to real-time order and interaction data helps service agents discover opportunities to up- and cross-sell. Deliver the insights frontline teams need to suggest the right products at the right times, transforming routine callers into repeat customers.

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Strengthen support by unifying customer profiles

Built for commerce, Service Cloud collects and consolidates marketing, sales, and support data. It’s the next best thing to mind reading — insights and integrations that give your agents the confidence they need to enrich customer conversations, build relationships, and earn more business.

Consolidate customer profiles across stores

Gain a unified view of customer activities across marketing, sales and support channels so the size of your team isn’t a barrier to outstanding service.

Consolidate customer profiles across stores

Predict customer needs

By unifying orders and interactions across storefronts, Service Cloud helps agents know what customers need before you say “hello.”

Predict customer needs

Engage across brands

If your business serves the same customers in more than one store, Service Cloud supports interactions from multiple brands and channels.

Engage across brands

View order details in service tickets

Seamless marketing and ecommerce integrations save steps by letting agents access customer touchpoints, order histories, and other details directly within service.

View order details in service tickets

Enhance customer conversations with Maropost integrations

Improve service quality by integrating insights when and where your agents need them.

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