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The online store creator that builds businesses

Neto is ready for whatever you have in store — from delivering world-class shopping experiences to adapting as your needs change. It’s the only platform you need to manage, measure, and expand all your retail businesses.

Create one-of-a-kind ecommerce experiences
More than a store builder, Neto is a complete content management system. Sure, you can use Neto to build and manage dynamic, content-rich, enterprise-worthy ecommerce websites. But it also lets you publish blogs, buying guides, articles, and forms to grow your audience.

Effortlessly scale as your business grows
When you’re ready to branch out into new regions, unlock customer segments, or launch new brands, Neto can keep up. Use it to create, launch, and manage multiple ecommerce storefronts or keep your team connected as you expand operations.

Ditch disjointed ecommerce software
Neto combines online, in-store, and back-office functions into a single, seamless platform. Switch to streamline management of inventory, orders, and fulfillment across all your sales channels.

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The only platform you need to manage all your retail channels

You may have dozens of sales channels and storefronts or increasingly complex inventories. With Neto, you only need one platform to manage and measure them. Tailored for marketplace retailers and wholesalers, Neto helps you streamline expansion, automate listings, inventory, and orders, and seamlessly scale as your business grows.

Monitor multichannel performance at a glance
Centralize performance data from all your storefronts, marketplaces, and sales channels in a single dashboard. Compare revenue to returns, check inventory, and track top sellers — then use what you learn to make better decisions.

Know and grow all your retail businesses
Build custom online stores or choose one of our readymade templates. Automate listings, inventory, and orders for Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and more. Neto is the only ecommerce platform you need to grow your retail empire.

Explore ecommerce analytics

Neto is multi-channel ecommerce, evolved 

With Neto, you can build engaging, scalable online stores. Optimize multichannel retail operations. Seamlessly integrate essential apps. And harness cross-channel product and order data. It’s the ecommerce platform built for the future of your business.

Launch branded stores in a few clicks

Create easy-to-shop websites that fast-track purchases and deliver hassle-free service and support. Scalable, secure, and responsive, dozens of Neto themes make it easy to customize, launch, and manage all your stores and marketplaces.

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Launch branded stores in a few clicks

Put top-tier Point of Sale software within reach

Neto has an advantage over big-brand POS software: Like them, Neto automates sales, manages inventory, and tracks transactions. But it’s designed to be much more accessible to rising retailers like you.

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Put top-tier Point of Sale software within reach

Integrate Neto with software you rely on

Gain business-building insights and operational efficiencies by connecting Neto to other tools. Use our API to seamlessly integrate Neto with your accounting, fulfillment, inventory, shipping, and CRM software.

Browse native integrations
Integrate Neto with software you rely on

Back your ecommerce strategies with real-time data

Tap product and order data streams to optimize listings, boost cross-channel visibility, and optimize inventory. And take control of multichannel store performance with analytics that reveal customer behavior and help you make data-driven decisions.

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Back your ecommerce strategies with real-time data
The power of Neto

Unleash your ecommerce potential

How an Aussie pet store grew its online store revenue by 500%

Automate listings, orders, and payments with integrations

Neto integrates directly with leading accounting software and retail partners so you can spend more time selling.

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