A single customer view across every touchpoint

A single customer view across every touchpoint

Discover how to make capabilities of the Maropost platform work for you.

Multi-Channel Customer Engagement

Build the complete picture of your customers from their purchase history, site visits, email engagement, mobile app usage, and much more, then reach them more effectively across channels.

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Machine Learning by
Maropost Da Vinci

Maropost Da Vinci Artificial intelligence makes sense of the millions of digital footprints your customers leave behind, with personalized product and content recommendations, behavioral clusters, and predictive models at your fingertips, ready for action.

Product Screens Sales And Marketing

Marketing and Commerce in a Single Platform

Increase the lifetime value of your hard-earned customers with highly-targeted remarketing campaigns, using the drag-and-drop Journey Builder to quickly create automated product upsells, cross-sells, and replenishment campaigns.

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High-Performance APIs

Integrate your platform with Maropost using our expansive catalog of REST and GraphQL APIs, and implement custom integrations into your systems.

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Scalability, Performance, and Uptime Exceeding Industry Standards

Maropost’s unique distributed platform architecture ensures that your investment is always available with multiple layers of redundancy protecting you from localized network-wide outages.

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