Guide Topics:

Automation will boost customer engagement by leveraging behavioural data at scale

Email and E-commerce platforms will work together to deliver personalized experiences

Interactive emails will become part of the customer experience

Email Marketing will become more and more effective thanks for email-based retargeting

AI will drive a better and more scalable email customization and personalization

Email Marketers will rely more on first-party data for their email campaigns

Email notification banners will play a critical role to gain attention

Email will become even more important to improve customer service experience


Email Marketing is dead. We keep hearing this, but the truth is: Email Marketing is alive, and it is here to stay!

At Maropost, we understand the essential value of emails and email marketing, as we help hundreds of companies worldwide to manage, deploy and optimize their email marketing campaigns.

For this reason, we asked some of our top partners to share their predictions on the future of email marketing.

This report can provide you with some great insights on the future of email marketing.