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Scale retail operations with powerful POS

Make anywhere a point of sale
Serve customers wherever they are — in-store, online, or on the phone — with Retail Express. By combining advanced POS and ecommerce software, Retail Express streamlines operations and delivers consistent, engaging shopping experiences that keep customers coming back.

  • Make shopping more convenient with Instant Click & Collect

  • Drive in-store traffic by revealing up-to-the-minute in-store stock

  • Fulfill orders faster by shipping directly from nearby stores

  • Boost loyalty and drive repeat sales with loyalty programs

Let customers pay their way

Shoppers expect flexibility. By integrating with Stripe, PayPal, Afterpay, Tyro, and more ways to pay, Retail Express makes it easy for you to offer customers their preferred methods.

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Simplify control of omnichannel operations

Simplify inventory and fulfillment
Managing stock across multiple locations is hard. So is keeping up with SKUs, custom orders, and fulfillment. Retail Express's multichannel and POS tools automate all of it so you can focus on innovation and expansion.

  • Improve multi-store product range planning

  • Control and auto-replenish inventory

  • Gain a single view of customers across stores and channels

  • Personalize loyalty and rewards programs across stores

  • Source from anywhere in your supply chain, for any store

  • Create role-specific access and training for employees

Get actionable analytics across your whole business

Outsmart competitors with data. Gain a bird's eye view of business performance, from sales to suppliers. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and free up time with custom dashboards that let you make better decisions, faster.

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Transform point-of-sale experiences with a single solution

Back decisions with data and advanced reporting

Access analytics built on real-time sales, inventory, and behavioral insights. Surface trends, track performance, and make decisions that fuel growth.

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Back decisions with data and advanced reporting

Manage inventory and fulfillment on the same platform

Gain complete control of stock. Retail Express frees retailers to automate stock replenishment, track orders in real-time, and manage their supply chain more efficiently.

Explore inventory and fulfilment
Manage inventory and fulfillment on the same platform

Integrate with leading software

Reveal operational insights and fine-tune performance by connecting Retail Express to
Marketing Cloud
Service Cloud
, and software in your tech stack. Retail Express natively integrates with dozens of tools, including leading logistics, payment, marketing, reporting, and ERP platforms.

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Integrate with leading software
The power of Retail Express

Realize dreams of omnichannel insights

How an Aussie mattress retailer gained a single view of customers across 106 stores.

Automate listings, orders, and payments with integrations

Retail Express integrates directly with leading accounting software and retail partners so you can spend more time selling.

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