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A single view of inventory across all sales channels

Commerce Cloud integrates directly with leading ecommerce platforms and marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Inventory is automatically synced across all channels reducing stock outages and overages, leading to a better customer experience.

Perpetual Inventory Control

Using the average landed cost method to calculate the cost of your products results in a more reliable cost of goods sold account. Commerce Cloud automates landed cost calculations with in-built purchase expense management, costed stock takes and adjustments.

Operate a smart, modern supply chain

Stock shortages and overages are caused by a lack of transparency, a direct result of systems not integrating properly. Commerce Cloud centralizes sales, inventory and purchasing data into a single end-to-end platform. Empowering you to streamline and automate supply chain operations for all your sales channels.

Gain purchasing power

Being a successful retailer means purchasing the right products, in the right quantities at the best possible price. With a full understanding of your true product costs, you can ensure you have the information required to forecast demand effectively.

Additional purchasing capabilities baked into our platform

Data-driven purchase order management, drop-shipping automation and real-time accounting updates to efficiently optimise your supplier-to-door fulfilment process.

Buy locally or internationally

Commerce Cloud supports real-time currency conversion, enabling you to place purchase orders for international suppliers.

Partial purchase order receipting

Mark purchase orders as received in full, or split your orders to record stock as it arrives from your supplier.

Automated dropshipping and cross-docking

Commerce Cloud can automatically send consolidated purchase orders to dropship suppliers by email or FTP.

Simple to setup and easy to use

Take the guesswork out of purchase cost management. Empower everyone in your business to manage purchasing.

Straightforward accounting

For Xero users, Commerce Cloud will automatically create relevant expense bills and adjust inventory and expense accounts in Xero.

Multiple price lists and customer price groups

Assign multiple price levels to a product and assign customers to a price group. Ideal for wholesale and B2B relationships.

Straightforward accounting

For Xero users, Commerce Cloud will automatically create relevant journal entries to adjust inventory and expense accounts in Xero.

Low inventory reporting and forecast demand

Get automatic insight into products that are hitting their low inventory threshold. Quickly place new purchase orders.

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