Break into the USA with Amazon & Maropost Commerce Cloud

Jul 14th, 2021

59 min


Arabella Baker

International Expansion Manager, Amazon

Brian Cottrell

Head of Emerging Channels, Maropost

Key Takeaways:

Tap into the US

How to grow your business into the USA

What to know

Important considerations when expanding

Tips to success

Four foundations of a successful Amazon seller


Looking to expand your sales into the US?

Join us as Arabella, International Expansion Manager at Amazon, and our own Brian Cottrell, Head of Emerging Channels at Maropost, talk through the market opportunity in the USA and how you can take advantage of it with Amazon and Maropost Commerce Cloud.

This webinar covers how to grow your business into the USA, what you should consider when expanding and the four foundations of a successful Amazon seller.


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