When it comes to business software decisions, buyer’s remorse just isn’t an option for me. In 2019, automation is critical, but our market is too competitive to waste time or resources on any decisions that slow us down.

This is especially true when it comes to decisions impacting our most important relationships: the ones we have built with our customers.

Maropost customers rely on our team and our technology to connect with their customers at every stage of their journey, and we take that responsibility seriously. We know how important it is to trust your tools, but that’s table stakes.

We believe that software should not only solve your challenges today, but grow with you, and push you to evolve. That belief has been core to our growth from early on and key to our success.

I founded Maropost in 2011 as an ESP, and my goal then was the same as it is now: to build a better platform by partnering with our customers and responding to their needs. Our customers have always been at the center of every decision we make, and they have become our best litmus test: if this decision doesn’t impact our customers growth, why bother?

Their feedback shapes our product roadmap, fuels our playbooks, evolves our processes. Their referrals have powered our sales pipeline from early on and customer stories drive our marketing messages.

In short, our customers are the reason Maropost is now one of the fastest-growing companies in North America, without ever raising funding.

G2, the world’s leading review site for business solutions, recently named Maropost a Leader in two software categories based on market presence and customer satisfaction scores: Marketing Automation and Personalization Software. We were also named a High Performer in Marketing Analytics and earned five badges overall.

Here are the stand-out reasons (according to our customers) we’re leading in the hyper-competitive competitive email marketing and customer engagement technology space and how working with us has helped them grow.

If you’re ready for a true partner in your customer engagement strategy, we’d love to have a conversation to understand your goals and discuss how we might help you and your business grow, together.

1. Customer Success above all else

We don’t want to just sell software, we want our customers to use it to grow their business. Every company and communication strategy is different, so our Customer Success, Support, and Deliverability teams take a hands-on approach that’s different for every customer.

It just never gets old hearing from our customers that that team has yet again gone above and beyond. Some of these reviews even call out our team members by name.

There’s nothing better in my book:

G2 Amazing Cust Support

2. Industry-Leading Deliverability

As Digital Marketer’s Ryan Deiss reminds me, email has always been tricky, but it has never been more valuable. Inboxes are more protected than ever, but if you can earn a spot in your customer’s inbox, you might just have a relationship for life.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our deliverability team is the best in the business, and their sole focus is to help our customers earn the inbox (and avoid the spam folder) every time.

3. Sophisticated Personalization

Marketers have talked about personalization for years. It’s no longer a competitive advantage, it’s table stakes – and easier said than done.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to optimize, our goal is to help every company level up their personalization strategy across channels, and it’s so cool to see our customers get creative:

4. Advanced Insights and Analytics

Marketing moves quickly, and you cannot manage what you cannot measure. It’s incredible to hear that our customers feel empowered to experiment, evolve and optimize their personalized campaigns by surfacing granular insights through Maropost.

That’s exactly what we want to see.

G2 All I Can Say Is Wow

5. Aligned Growth Incentives

It baffles me to see pricing structures that effectively penalize growth from some of our competitors. How does it make sense to pay more for every contact and feature you add? Isn’t the goal to reach more people and become more sophisticated as a business?

We built Maropost to be the platform companies grow with, providing tools, support, and strategies to treat every customer the way they want to be treated. Our success is inherently tied to yours, and our contracts reflect that. There’s no hidden fees or dodgy add-ons, and we’ll work with you to make sure your strategy and your contract scales with every milestone.

It’s that simple.

G2 Great Onboarding

6. Quick Learning Curves

It’s one thing to buy a tool. It’s another to see a return on that investment and time is of the essence. We want to make it as easy as possible to not only get up and running quickly, but to execute and iterate on your strategies. Maropost should pay for itself, and then some, as fast as possible.

Our customers seem to agree:

7. Flexible Functionality

Every company and strategy is different, but one thing is certain: constant evolution is the only way you’ll survive or stay ahead. You have to be able to get creative, experiment, learn, and adapt — and fast (especially when it comes to customer engagement).

We love hearing how our customers use Maropost to think outside the box.

G2 Straight Forward

8. Constant Improvement through Customer Partnership

As our customers have grown since 2011, so too has our functionality, and that’s no coincidence. Through our success team and channels like our Innovations Portal, our ideas for improvements and new get new ideas for improvements from our customers directly.

G2 Made The Switch

9. Streamlined Processes and Evolved Strategies

Like any software, Maropost is just a tool to reach your goals and execute on your vision, strategies and processes. Our core strategy and focus to that end revolves around one word: simplify.

Wherever you’re going, we want to make it easier to get there and help you solve problems (especially those you didn’t know you had) along the way. It’s incredibly validating to hear from our customers that we’ve impacted them like that:

G2 A Simple To Use

G2 More Streamline

G2 Maropost Great For Email

Check out all of Maropost reviews in their entirety on our G2 profile page.

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