I’m thrilled to share some exciting news on behalf of the Maropost team: G2, the world’s leading review site for business solutions, has named Maropost a leader in two categories: Marketing Automation and Personalization Software. Additionally, we have been named a Leader for small businesses in both categories, as well as a High Performer in Small Business Marketing Analytics.

At Maropost, our customers are at the center of everything we do. Customer feedback fuels our playbooks, evolves our processes, and shapes our product roadmap. Referrals power our sales pipeline and customer stories drive our marketing messages.

The past few months have brought some exciting milestones and accolades, but there is no metric more important — or indicative of the health and success of our business — than our customer’s satisfaction, so these awards are especially meaningful.

G2 Research scores vendors based on Market Presence and Satisfaction, based on verified reviews from real users. Vendors cannot influence ratings or status. G2’s Fall Grid Reports determine category Leaders based on industry-leading scores in both metrics.

Especially in an industry as competitive and fast-paced as marketing technology, this means a lot. Since 2011, the Martech landscape has expanded exponentially — there are nearly 46x more solutions, and we see new startups (and acquisitions) every day.

We know our customers have a lot of options, so we are grateful to the 600+ brands we work with for trusting our technology—and our team—with their most important relationships and their most impactful communications.

It’s awesome to see what they had to say. Check it out:

G2 Customer Service

G2 Boutique Service G2 Marketing Automation Leader  G2 Deliverability Service G2 Instant Bump

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