Maropost recently hosted its 2024 Success Summit in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). The event brought together experts, partners, and customers to discuss the latest trends, product updates, and success stories in commerce and marketing. 

Kristyn Wallace, Maropost’s Country Manager for ANZ, warmly welcomed attendees, confirming Maropost’s commitment to helping the region’s businesses launch, grow, and scale their operations. 

“For more than a decade, I’ve lived and worked in Australia, serving fast-growing businesses like yours,” Wallace noted. She added, “I wouldn’t be here without Maropost’s dedication to building on the homegrown success of its Retail Express and Neto customers.” 

Maropost’s guiding principles for 2024 and beyond 

Before diving into roadmaps, Chief Product Officer Carter Lassy shared the company’s vision and product development guiding principles. 

“At Maropost, we’re building a full-journey customer lifecycle platform,” promised Lassy. “It will allow retailers to do three things: Define and build interconnected customer profiles. Create and manage their product catalogue with an extensible and flexible data model built for complex SKUs. And design and deploy promotions across all sales and communication channels. 

 Carter Lassy presenting the 2024 Maropost Success Summit keynote address

“We are investing in and evolving every Maropost product,” Lassy continued. “We’re accelerating product development across the board, ensuring that any new global commerce features are usable by all Maropost products. We’ll always work toward our unified vision with every release. And there will be no migrations forced on any customer.” 

Online commerce updates: Neto  

Brendan Newell, VP of Product for Neto and Retail Express, and Tim Schulz, VP of Product for Commerce Cloud, detailed new developments in online commerce. They showcased new features and improvements in Neto, such as enhanced performance and speed, increased reliability and scalability, and a new checkout experience.  

What’s next for Neto?

Schulz said Neto’s revamped checkout journey “…will significantly improve both engagement and conversion. It’s based on your requests and will be available later this year.” 

Regarding the release of an updated API, Newell said, “We’ve increased data availability for merchants and partners by improving the Neto API. This has been a major initiative. It provides a modern, simplified, and more performant framework for building add-ons… Plus, it’s simpler for partners to work with.” 

The team also shared progress on some of Neto’s most-requested features, including MyPost Business integration. Available now, this allows customers to set up carrier labels directly within Neto and benefit from cheaper rates available with MyPost Business.  

Other updates include: 

  • Add Images to Disputes (available now) 
  • View Profit Margins in POS (coming soon) 
  • Multi-level pricing in GetItem API (available now) 
  • Opt-out of 90-day passwords with MFA (available now) 
  •  Use phone camera in Pick and Pack app (beta) 
  • Stripe Buy Now Pay Later (rolling out)

In-store and omnichannel commerce updates: Retail Express 

Newell highlighted Retail Express’s continued success as a leading in-store and omnichannel solution. Recent improvements focused on operational efficiencies and quality-of-life changes, such as quick product creation in POS, a style/matrix product creation wizard, and financial movement tracking. 

“We made a number of improvements to Retail Express product management, including the ability to create new products directly within the Point of Sale,” said Newell. “This is a huge time saver for merchants creating custom products… We also simplified creating matrix products with multiple variants with a new wizard.” 

What’s next for Retail Express?

Additionally, Maropost has delivered hundreds of Retail Express improvements to key features, including purchase orders and stock receipts, scheduled price changes, and POS. The team also shared the status of some of the most requested Retail Express features: 

  • Returns/Refunds via API (available now) 
    • Blank returns and return of fulfilled items 
  • Returns/Refunds via API (H2′ 24) 
    • Cancel unfulfilled items 
    • Return to Faulty 
    • Return to Other Outlet(s) 
  • Integrated Returns for Shopify Stores (H2′ 24) 
  • Bulk Stock Adjustments (H2′ 24) 
  • Batch Fulfilment Management (H2′ 24) 
  • SMS Messaging (H2′ 24) 
  • Non-Inventory Items (H2′ 24) 

What’s next: “One Maropost” vision  

Lassy returned to reveal how Neto and Retail Express fit into the company’s “One Maropost” vision. The unified platform is being designed to provide a seamless experience across commerce, messaging, service desk, analytics, and reports.  

With centralized control over users, accounts, permissions, billing, and integrations, businesses can streamline operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

What’s next for Maropost?

“We’re starting with our commerce products,” confirmed Lassy, adding, “They’ll be the central hub of this ecosystem, which means Neto and Retail Express will be able to take advantage of the new commerce modules being built for the Global Commerce Cloud platform. They’ll also be able to take advantage of the other Maropost products directly, including Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Findify

“All of our products will work together in one continuous ecosystem and workflow where you’ll be in complete control.” 

Many of the features Lassy described are available now, like Unified Customer Profiles. They combine marketing, ecommerce, and support data into single views that service agents can use to make the most of every interaction. 

Among those in development are a high-performance, quickly customizable storefront creator, an AI-driven marketing campaign creator, and a template-based marketing journey builder. 

Maropost keeps retailers ready for what’s in store  

This year’s Success Summit showcased Maropost’s commitment to innovation, customer success, and building a unified platform that empowers fast-growing businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

Kristyn Wallace welcomes attendees to the 2024 Maropost Success Summit

With the latest updates to Neto and Retail Express and the upcoming features and integrations, Maropost is the right partner to help retail and ecommerce businesses launch, grow, and scale their operations. Realizing the “One Maropost” vision will revolutionize how merchants approach commerce, marketing, and customer service, offering a seamless and interconnected ecosystem. 

We’re thrilled to be on this journey with our customers and partners and look forward to the incredible opportunities that lie ahead. Thanks to all who attended this year’s event — and stay tuned for more updates! 

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