Achieving best ever email deliverability

The Challenge

Delivering full functionality without the need for custom programming

Richard Lindner, the company’s President, fully understands email marketing’s importance in driving DigitalMarketer’s business.

“Email is the ultimate lever to pull in helping the customer along the customer journey. We have a very large subscriber base, so we can blast out a message to all of our subscribers or we can use sequential autoresponders and triggered messages to take someone and really speak to them appropriately based on their level of knowledge and engagement with the brand, and move them from one phase of our customer journey to the next,” he says.

DigitalMarketer was using what was supposed to be an enterprise email service provider, but was lacking in all necessary advanced out-of-the-box functionality. They wanted a platform that could deliver full functionality, without the need for custom programming or API development requirements.

While they had the capability to send out millions of emails — their reach and inbox placement was falling short. With Maropost, DigitalMarketer discovered an enterprise-grade solution that integrated with their CRM, enabling for true out-of-the-box, end-to-end functionality.

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“As far as technology and the actual platform itself, it seems like you guys are adding everything [features] before I can think to ask for them.”

Richard Lindner


The Solution

Sent out automated campaigns to full distribution list within a few days

Having previously worked with several other ESPs, DigitalMarketer had been through plenty of on-boarding experiences—though they weren’t all positive.

With Maropost, they worked directly with their dedicated account manager, who ensured a seamless and hassle-free migration. Taking advantage of Maropost’s adaptive delivery process, they were able to start sending to their full distribution list (many millions) within only a few days, instead of weeks or months. Having pre-warmed IP addresses was also a major plus, saving them from having to use multiple ESPs.

We were really excited about the prospect of getting the control that we had to automate campaigns and do everything that we’ve done before from a marketing and personalization standpoint, when we were with midrange and small business solutions. But now, with an enterprise-level solution.”

Since switching to Maropost, Digital Marketer saw an almost immediate boost in deliverability, specifically when Gmail Priority Inbox rolled out. Shortly after going live, emails were reaching the Primary Tab with premiere spotting in the inbox—far exceeding any preconceived expectations.

Here are the Maropost features making the biggest difference in DigitalMarketer’s marketing:

  • Maropost’s Live Chat support goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional ticketing system, providing instant assistance and resolution.
  • Advanced email scheduling offer four different options; SendTime Optimization, Priority Send, OneTime and Recurring Campaigns—giving the team even more ways to increase engagement.
  • Pre-Header Text offers DigitalMarketer the ability to customize the preview text of the email—the “second subject line”—proven to increase clicks and engagement by double-digit percentiles.
  • A/B split testing on subject lines provides the tools to utilize two options on new campaign headlines, to adjust and optimize in real-time.

Digital Marketer is truly an email marketing powerhouse, leveraging email to generate over 7 figures in revenue per month. Simply put, they make money when they send emails, with all other marketing efforts dedicated towards enhancing their email subscriber lists. Their popular blog features industry-leading topics like “How to Build an Email Marketing Machine” and “101 Best Email Subject Lines”. With more than 50 million emails being sent each year, their partnership with Maropost is at the core of their email marketing revenue generation. But more than anything, Lindner appreciated the support provided by the platform.

The level of support that we get just from live chats is instant, and it’s always there,” he said. “I can’t think of a time an issue couldn’t be solved right there and then on live chat. It’s way faster than picking up a phone or even sending an email, so I think a lot of companies — whether they’re an enterprise-level or not—could learn a lot from the way you staff your live chat; not only with someone being there but their level of knowledge and their ability to actually solve a problem, not just say ‘we’re here and I will pass it on’”.

Customer support paired with constant innovation has made Maropost the ideal platform to support DigitalMarketer’s ambitious email program.

As far as technology and the actual platform itself, it seems like you guys are adding everything [features] before I can think to ask for them. With email marketing at the heart of our success, we rely on the platform strength and customer support that Maropost consistently delivers. We view our relationship with Maropost as a true partnership and are excited about the growth ahead.” 

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