The economy is recovering from the global pandemic and is on the rise. The B2B space has never been more competitive, but also more lucrative. As the trend will continue in the coming years, the space will get even more competitive. That means that there’s never been a greater need for effective B2B marketing strategies to stand out.

Curious about trending strategies that will help you thrive? Then you’re in the right place! Keep reading to discover five killer B2B marketing strategies that’ll help you win more customers in 2022.

1. Get Crystal Clear on your Audience

The first thing any brand should do is figure out who their customer is. You can do this by paying close attention to the age ranges of your social media followers or the age of the people that are browsing your website. Once the target audience is set, it’s time to start thinking about the types of content to create. For example, if you’re selling apparel, you may want to create a blog post for fashion or style tips.

Trying to appeal to everyone results in reaching no one. You can even waste thousands or millions of marketing dollars.

There are two ways of determining the target marketing: demographic (age, gender, location, income, etc) and psychographic (hobbies, favorite books, TV shows, websites, etc).

All these insights will help to determine the tone of your overall marketing content.

2. Utilize SEO

SEO has continued to evolve in the past five years. It has evolved to integrate with AI, machine learning, and personalization. This will continue in the future with AI continuing to become more prevalent.

This means that you will need to make sure that you are using AI to personalize the shopping experience for your customers. AI has already begun to be rolled out by some retailers, allowing them to personalize customer interactions, recommend items based on purchase history, and more.

Google will continue to update its algorithm for ecommerce, making it more difficult to rank well on SERPs. Therefore, you will need to spend more time working with SEO consultants to help you outrank the competition.

SEO in 2022 will also require you to focus on customer experience. You’ll have to create a website that is easy to use, up-to-date, and allows for instant transactions without any hassle.

The potential for voice search will become more common. Gartner predicts that voice will surpass typed searches by 2020. We now can’t imagine intuitive AI assistants like Siri or Alexa without voice searches.

While many aspects of SEO are important, one of the newest trends is including keyword research for keywords for your industry. This means paying close attention to catchphrases and popular keywords in a particular industry. This helps make a website more searchable and helps users find it easier. Along with this, including a blog on the site with regularly updated content to keep up with the latest news and trends can help an ecommerce business stay ahead of the competition and rank higher on Google search results page.

Another strategy to boost SEO for ecommerce stores in 2022 is to invest in link-building. A great way to do this is to share links on social media. Beyond that, bloggers on sites like Forbes and BuzzFeed are great for link-building.

3. Take Advantage of User-Generated Content

While customer reviews of your products can be great, videos and blog posts can sometimes be even better at helping buyers understand what products can do and which ones they should choose over others. You can use UGC for exploring new product lines, looking for new ideas and vastly improving your B2B marketing strategies. You can also ask customers for feedback on your products and services to learn what you need to do to improve. 

Whether it’s using customer reviews to showcase products, using social media engagement to spark sales, or collecting user-generated content for product pages – the possibilities are endless.

Compared to other forms of marketing, UGC is a more cost-effective investment. It also makes customers feel more connected to the brand since they have shared their own experiences.

4. Create a Consistent Brand Experience

No matter where your prospective customer is in their buyer journey, they absolutely must have a consistently pleasant brand experience. We cannot emphasize this enough.

If your messaging is formal and corporate on your website but conversational and edgy on your social media, customers will sense a disconnect. Similarly, if your colors, fonts, images and other visuals are vastly different across your online and offline presence, customers will not remember your brand. After all, a brand is a set of associations people have with your brand.

Think of all the prominent brands out there – you probably have very strong associations with each of them. Whether it’s their tagline, colors, specific products or even the people behind the brand, you have something that immediately jumps to your mind when you think of them. Apple is Steve Jobs, Nike is “Just Do It”, Nikon is yellow and so on.

That’s exactly what you need to do to become memorable and top of mind.

5. Create a Social Media Constituent Base

Your social media channels are your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how you use them. A lot of businesses spend a lot of money on extravagant social media campaigns only to find that their efforts fall flat. There could be many reasons for that – wrong audience selection, very generic tagline, lack of product knowledge, unattractive CTA or others.

You need to find a way to engage your audience quickly and easily. Social media is able to do that. But you also need to find a way to keep your social media engagement organic. Once you’ve done that, you can start building a social media presence for your brand. Help people know you exist. 

Build Unique B2B Marketing Strategies Today

Combining these killer B2B marketing strategies will help you reach more potential customers with ease. Remember to advertise on the platforms where the customers are spending their time — social media and mobile will find your target audience.

Once a customer buys from you, ensure that their whole experience is flawless and smooth. Repeat this formula as you build a loyal community around your business.

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