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Marketing Automation

Easily create complex customer journeys

Leverage the relevance and timeliness of transactional and triggered messages, to maximize campaign performance, with our marketing automation capabilities. Our customers power hundreds of workflows that continuously generate automatic revenue for their businesses—and can be setup in just minutes, with our intuitive drag and drop Journey Builder.

Event driven workflows integrate seamlessly with product and revenue data, email and social interactions, sign-up forms, landing pages, and web tracking, creating personalized digital journeys for your customers.

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Data Analytics

Constant custom reports, for better on the fly decisions

Our intuitive analytics engine allows you to generate, schedule, and export custom reports and SQL queries based on your unique campaigns, their segmentation, and the data you want to see. With our built in data automation, you can continuously track changes and patterns in your data, for a better view of your company and customers. Analyze campaign performance across all channels, to understand trends and optimize your results.

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Customized Content

Create customized content that converts

Recent data from Jupiter Research revealed personalized emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails. Boost your revenue with personalized campaigns and messages, powered by dynamic content. Create and send messages based on who your recipient is, where they’re located, previous purchase behavior, what segment they represent, and more.


Limitless segmentation and targeting at your fingertips

Segmentation does so much more than just deliver a more personalized experience with your brand. It also boosts customer engagement and conversions and reduces unsubscribes. Leverage our powerful segmentation engine to create and edit custom list segments across channels, as you go. From level of engagement, to actions taken, domains, locations, product interest, revenue, browser language, and more, there's no limit to the number or complexity of segments you can create.

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Cross-Channel Marketing

Cross-Channel Capabilities

More points of contact, for more conversion opportunities

Boost engagement and revenue across all platforms. From email, to mobile, to social, to web, setting up multi-touch campaigns has never been easier. Incorporate behavioral triggers from every channel into digital journeys, giving your customers completely personalized experiences across channels.

Cross-Channel Optimization

Adaptable campaigns that change with your customers

Ensure your cross-channel campaigns are achieving optimal results, with our advanced segmentation and testing capabilities. Our powerful segmentation engine allows you to create and edit custom list segments in real time across channels. Segment by anything you choose, including everything from level of engagement, actions taken, domains, locations, product interest, revenue, browser language or more.

Leverage our comprehensive A/B testing tools to create multiple split tests on every channel—from subject lines, to content, to calls to action, to custom signatures, and send times—all at the same time, in the same campaign.

Artificial Intelligence

Add another mind to your team, with advanced artificial intelligence

Machine learning capabilities work behind the scenes to turn data into insights, providing you with a complete view of your customers. Generating comprehensive user profiles, our AI—Da Vinci—can create personalized experiences for every customer. Behavior-based data works to optimize everything from content and product recommendations, to message scheduling, and more.

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Maropost’s deliverability is always solid, with no delays or challenges in reaching the inbox.

Neil Patel
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The platform is amazing, fast, and easy.
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Our guiding principle is ‘the best or nothing,’ and we feel that the solution provided by Maropost delivers on that promise.

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Their fresh GUI interface combined with incredible flexibility and deliverability is a winning combination.

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Having access to the Marketing Cloud platform and Maropost’s support is like having a full-time email specialist on the team.

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Maropost offers features we use on a daily basis to connect with our customers and improve our bottom line. We’ve been able to take our email program to the next level using the tools Maropost provides.

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