How to achieve +497% increase in open rates and +300% in click rates

The Challenge

Centralizing their marketing campaigns to one platform and driving sales

Before Maropost, StickerYou was using three different marketing platforms, and spending too much time trying to integrate and reconcile the three. While StickerYou had a wealth of data on customer preferences, they lacked the resources to use that information for personalized emails. Here were their goals:

  • Increase sales of tickets and merchandise
  • Boost fan engagement, email clicks, opens, and conversions
  • Reduce manual setup and execution of technical processes
  • Centralize their marketing campaigns to one dashboard and platform

The Solution

Segmenting and personalized email marketing

After a meticulous survey of over 15 email and marketing platforms, StickerYou came to Maropost for Marketing, knowing that it was the only true all-in-one solution to meet their needs.

Working closely with Maropost’s Client Success team, StickerYou built a segmentation strategy specifically tailored to their audience and goals. Unique segments were created for each stream and campaign to create personalized communications.

Maropost’s Client Success team also followed-up to develop a comprehensive tracking and reporting systemallowing StickerYou to see exactly how and why their numbers were increasing, and improve them even further.

  • Segmenting for different streams, campaigns, and unique user profiles
  • Personalizing based off content preferences and interests
  • Automating email journeys, campaigns, and reporting

As soon as StickerYou switched to Maropost for Marketing, they experienced all the benefits of working on our simple, intuitive user interface.

As for concrete KPIs? Maropost has those covered, too.

  • 497% increase in open rates: Maropost’s segmentation and multi-variate testing options are the most powerful in the industry, helping you send the best version of your email every time. For StickerYou, this meant click through rates jumping from 10% to 50%!
  • 300% increase in click rates: Through the use of visual reporting, StickerYou was able to leverage insights on huge sets of customer data, increasing conversion rates.

The Results

497% increase in email open rates and 300% increase in click rates

From three separate marketing solutions to one Marketing platform.

Maropost for Marketing is truly an all-in-one platform—and the last marketing solution you’ll ever need.

Sticker You

As StickerYou’s slogan says, they’re “the web’s best platform to Make It Stick!”

By using their proprietary die-cutting technology, StickerYou crafts high quality custom stickers, labels, decals, iron-on labels, and temporary tattoos at any quantity, size, or shape. With so many products and services and so many customers and clients around the world, StickerYou needed a single centralized marketing solution to fulfill all their requirements. And so the web’s best platform to Make It Stick found the web’s best marketing platform: Maropost Marketing Cloud.

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