With over 5000 customers across the globe, we’re thrilled to be recognized for solving business problems, powering growth and helping brands deliver on customer expectations

We’re thrilled to be named to The Leading 100 of 2023 – a highly anticipated annual research list recognizing the industry’s most innovative tech companies in retail and ecommerce. 

All companies on the list were vetted and selected using a rigorous methodology that measured innovation, business impact, commercialization and customers, teams and experience, competition, media buzz, and investor value creation. Company data was collected via a combination of CEO interviews, company nomination data, and publicly available market data. 

As a leading provider of commerce and marketing software and services, Maropost is thrilled to be included on this prestigious list. We are committed to helping our clients deliver exceptional experiences to their customers through innovative, accessible, and powerful technology solutions that span the entire customer lifecycle. 

“Being named among the top tech companies driving change for brands and retailers is an honor that fuels our passion to keep pushing the boundaries,” said Maropost CEO, Ross Andrew Paquette. “Our customer obsession drives us to constantly challenge ourselves, develop cutting-edge solutions, and find ways around obstacles that others in the industry have accepted as the status quo.”  

Maropost’s team has tackled challenges from making sure that emails land in inboxes (not spam folders!), to personalizing the web experience, to reducing tech stack complexity, so that brands and retailers can focus on their customers instead of their tech.  

All together, Maropost centralizes customer data and communications and offers merchants an all-in-one platform to scale their business, complete with marketing automation, ecommerce, POS, AI Personalization, and help desk.  

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in marketing automation, and this recognition from The Lead is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. 

The Leading 100 will be honored at The Lead Innovation Summit on July 12th and 13th, The Lead’s flagship event. We hope to see you there!  

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