Finding a dedicated email specialist

The Challenge

Driving email clicks, segmentation, and sanitation of lists

Zipbuds built its loyal following by emphasizing the importance creating relationships with customers and truly listening to their audio needs – hence the massive crowdfunding success! But being a remote and agile team without a dedicated email specialist, Zipbuds lacked the time and resources to fully utilize their mailing list. Here were their goals:

  • Drive email clicks, opens, and conversions towards customer engagement and purchases
  • Ensure proper organization, segmentation, and sanitation of mailing lists
  • Create a coherent email strategy integrated with social and marketing strategies
  • Deliver the most personalized and relevant communications

The Solution

Multi-variate, A/B testing and segmentation

Maropost’s Client Success team worked closely with Zipbuds to develop a short-term action plan and a long-term email strategy, both tailored to Zipbuds’ larger objectives. A unique segmentation strategy was created and executed specifically for Zipbuds’ product and audience.

Maropost knows that our clients’ time is important – which is why we automated Zipbuds’ processes for email journeys, campaigns, and reporting.

  • Segmenting for different audiences, streams, and unique user profiles
  • Conducting multi-variate and A/B testing to ensure maximum conversions
  • Automating email journeys, campaigns, and reporting

The Results

200% increase in open rates and 200% increase in mailing list size

200% increase in mailing list size: Maropost’s strategic insights means that leads are always nurtured and never lost.

200% increase in open rates: There’s a reason we have the best inbox placement rates in the industry. Maropost pairs each account with a dedicated Director of Deliverability, whose sole purpose is to maximize inbox reach and placement. Avoid the spam filter and ensure your emails are arriving in the inbox.

Additional 33% increase in open rates: Maropost’s segmentation and multi-variate testing options are the most powerful in the industry–increasing Zipbuds’ open rates by an additional 33% through A/B testing, by ensuring they sent the best version of their email every time.


For the last 7 years, Zipbuds has been working to perfect earbuds. They’ve introduced three new technologies and built 8 acclaimed earbud and headphone lines, all while sourcing the best components from 6 different countries.

And audiophiles love them – Zipbuds’ newest product, the CATALYST, raised ten times its goal during the course of its crowdfunding campaign. With an in-demand catalogue and an engaged customer base, there was only one email platform that could meet Zipbuds’ needs.

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