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The Challenge

Low deliverability rate

With millions customers and hundreds of products, Atlantic Coast Brands has an enormous subscriber network to reach. But the larger the list, the harder it is to manage effectively. Before joining Maropost, Atlantic Coast Brands was spending too much time reconciling and integrating across their campaigns—and not enough time executing.

Atlantic Coast Brands was also facing deliverability issues on their previous platform, where emails and campaigns were blocked without any apparent cause. And on such a large email subscriber list, deliverability matters—even a 0.01% decrease in deliverability means 1000 customers aren’t receiving emails.

Here were their goals:

  • Drive email clicks, opens, and conversions towards customer engagement and purchases
  • Create and execute a deliverability strategy
  • Reduce manual setup of technical processes
  • Ensure organization and sanitation of mailing lists
  • Deliver personalized communications and relevant recommendations

The Solution

Automated workflow and segmenting email list

Maropost’s Client Success team worked closely with Atlantic Coast Brands during onboarding to segment their mailing list, setting up automated journeys and workflows. At the same time, our

Deliverability team also worked to audit Atlantic Coast Brands’ deliverability strategy, implementing best practices and processes.

What resulted were the most segmented and personalized emails Atlantic Coast Brands had ever sent. With their new email strategy in place, they could finally focus on building stronger relationships with their customers through sequenced prospecting emails, onboarding series, and newsletters—rather than relying solely on promotional emails.

  • Implementing deliverability best practices and processes
  • Automating email journeys, campaigns, workflows, and reporting
  • Ensuring proper organization, segmentation, and sanitation of mailing lists

The Results

99% deliverability rate with 300 segments

Atlantic Coast Brands was particularly impressed with Maropost’s functionality and intuitive interface design. By the time onboarding was complete, Atlantic Coast Brand’s email strategy was more automated and organized than ever before—and their new 99% deliverability rate meant they were reaching every possible recipient.

  • 300 segments
    Maropost’s cutting edge segmentation tool provides the deepest insights and specificity in the industry—because your customers deserve content that speaks to them.
  • 50 journeys
    Maropost’s automated journeys mean leads are always nurtured and never lost. With the day-to-day processes automated, you can focus on the big wins.
  • 99% deliverability
    We’ve spent years building a reputation as the Email Service Provider specializing in deliverability—and our 99.6% average client deliverability rate proves it. We know email marketing doesn’t end when you press send, so we provide in-depth deliverability consultation services to help your emails reach the inbox.

Visit two of Atlantic Coast Brands’ flagship brands at Keranique and Christie Brinkley Skincare.

Atlantic Coast Brands

Since 2005, Atlantic Coast Brands has been a global leader in creating and delivering beauty solutions. As a pioneer in 360-degree marketing, Atlantic Coast Brands embraces a cross-channel strategy—spanning digital, TV, radio, print, and retail.

Allowing their customers to choose when, where, and how they buy, Atlantic Coast Brands reaches over 10 million customers around the globe with their consumer product offerings.

With so many products, product lines, customers, and channels, only one marketing platform could handle Atlantic Coast Brand’s scope and goals: Maropost Marketing Cloud.

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