A new marketing platform with great support

The Challenge

Database issues and lack support from marketing platform

On their previous marketing platform, the team at UX3 experienced constant contact database issues. Between contacts being deleted without their knowledge and a lack of service and support, they knew it was time to make a change.

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“It is the level of personal service that really differentiates Maropost from other marketing platforms”


Founder at JOHN ROWLEY

The Solution

Automation and A/B testing

After being referred to Maropost by a colleague, they were immediately impressed with the platform’s ease-of-use, high-touch service, and overall functionality.

Our seamless onboarding process meant UX3 was up and running within days—with all their list, data, and contact importing taken care of by their dedicated customer success manager.

Noticing an immediate 10% lift in deliverability and a 15% increase in open rates, UX3 credits Maropost’s deliverability team with the sudden uptick in inbox reach.

Email marketing is at the core of UX3’s online business—using automation and A/B testing to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. With 6 figures in monthly revenue coming from email, UX3 trusts Maropost to run their campaigns.

  • 10% increase in deliverability
    We’ve spent years building a reputation as the Email Service Provider specializing in deliverability—and our 99.6% average client deliverability rate proves it. We know email marketing doesn’t end when you press send, so we provide in-depth deliverability consultation services to help your emails reach the inbox.
  • 15% increase in open rates
    With Maropost’s powerful multi-variate testing options, optimizing emails is easy—helping UX3’s open rates increase by 15%.
  • 6 figures in monthly revenue
    Advanced automation and multivariate A/B testing are turning email into the revenue-generating machine UX3 envisioned.


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