Successful email marketing

The Challenge

Decline in service and support from ESP

After their previous email marketing platform was acquired by a larger ESP, StudentUniverse noticed an immediate decline in service and support. Within 12 months, the lack of support had left StudentUniverse with only minimal assistance that had to be attained through a new support ticketing system, which prevented them from speaking live with a rep or gaining timely assistance with technical issues.

The Solution

Features request created and dedicated support

After making the move to Maropost, StudentUniverse was immediately impressed by our level of support—specifically coming from the deliverability team. Our team of experts reviewed our niche requirements in detail, ensuring StudentUniverse was reaching the inbox.

On the features side, StudentUniverse learned first-hand about the power of Maropost’s customer-first innovation. Not only did the platform contain almost every feature they required, it also added the features they requested. As one of our senior evaluators commented; ‘If they don’t have it, they will build it for us’—which is exactly what our development team did. Previously, when dealing with other vendors, StudentUniverse found their feature requests met with either a long roadmap with no end in sight or additional fees to have them created. Now, Maropost’s nimble development team is ready to build all the new features StudentUniverse needs—at no extra charge.

And with a customizable dashboard, StudentUniverse has full transparency into the performance improvements Maropost is contributing to their business.


StudentUniverse is the world’s leading travel booking site offering exclusive discounts for students and youth. For students looking to travel the world, StudentUniverse offer our members special rates on flights, hotels and tours, allowing students to travel more and spend less. Their unique pricing and terms are negotiated specifically for this demographic through contracts with dozens of world-class partners and more than 70 airlines. Membership is free. They are on a mission to make global experiences possible.

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