Finding an email marketing platform with high deliverability

The Challenge

Finding a new email marketing platform to support company’s growth.

Mother Jones’ hybrid business model focuses on leveraging both earned revenue and reader support to produce quality journalism. Email is an essential channel for engaging with readers, subscribers, and donors, allowing Mother Jones to have direct and intimate communication with its loyal users. More than just increasing engagement, email is also a revenue-generating channel, through donations, subscription sales, and sponsored messages. Given the importance of their email channel, Mother Jones needed to upgrade to a more modern email service provider to help advance their program.

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“Your A/B testing and optimizing campaigns are a lot more sophisticated, allowing us to write 10 headlines, and seeing which of them is doing the best”

Mitch Grummon

Business Development Manager at MOTHER JONES

The Solution

Automated workflows and automated marketing

Mitch Grummon, Business Development Manager at Mother Jones, was tasked with finding a new platform to support the company’s expanding email marketing efforts.

Grummon said, “I wanted to understand the current market and figure out which vendor could help Mother Jones the most.” He continued, “I started reading basically everything I could get my hands on for about a month while gathering information on about 20 to 30 vendors. I read websites, reviews, and specs. Then I figured out which vendors I should talk to, and Maropost made it onto the list.”

Mother Jones realized that to use its email list to its full potential, it needed a platform with more advanced features.

“Not only did Maropost have the features we needed to grow our program, we also really liked how your company seems very nimble and focused, yet was able to provide a very high level of customer support and service. We got excellent reviews from other clients that you have – that was really encouraging.”

Mother Jones ultimately chose Maropost as its new platform.

“You guys were super responsive, and I really liked working with your team right away,” Grummon said. “When you have a salesperson that responds to emails within 5 or 10 minutes, and is straightforward and upfront it gives you faith in the rest of the company being solid as well.” he said.

While Mother Jones was still in the migration phase with Maropost Marketing Cloud, Grummon said the initial experience with the product was immediately positive.

“We really like the automated workflows and automated marketing. Both are things that we know will be very helpful if we can fully leverage them.” he said. “I appreciate the content creation being pretty straightforward for non-technical people. Deliverability has been a really big thing for us, so when you guys talk about Dynamic Sending — not just sending to 9 a.m. on the East Coast, but sending whenever the user is most likely to click – it helps our deliverability.

“Your A/B testing and optimizing campaigns are a lot more sophisticated, allowing us to write 10 headlines, and seeing which of them is doing the best and then automatically push our emails out with the winner,” he added. “Having an easier way to send content to different subsets of the list, whether it’s geo-targeting or reference-based, will help us engage our email subscribers in a more sophisticated way.”

Mother Jones

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Mother Jones is headquartered in San Francisco, with bureaus in Washington, DC, and New York City. They don’t answer to stockholders, a corporate parent company, or a deep-pocketed donor—instead they’re accountable to (and funded by) their loyal readers.

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