40% average open rate with solid click through rates

The Challenge

Deliverability and ISP issues

Prior to joining Maropost, Monster Wave Media was using a much smaller marketing platform, one that lacked the advanced features required for their ambitious email marketing goals. As their contact list grew, they continually ran into deliverability and ISP issues. To make matters worse, their old platform wasn’t providing adequate support to address these issues, with long wait times for technical issue resolution. With all these issues colliding, Monster Wave Media set out to find a new marketing platform.

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"Another feature we like is the “Emails Open by Device” feature, which enables us to determine how many of our contacts are viewing on smartphones or tablets.”



The Solution

automated workflows and dedicated client success manager guiding through

After being referred to Maropost by a trusted colleague, Monster Wave Media decided to make the move.

A smooth and straightforward onboarding experience, with their dedicated client success manager walking them through the whole process, had Monster Wave off to a good start.

Sending over 14 million emails a month, Monster Wave Media has a massive contact database to maintain. But with the deliverability team at Maropost providing in-depth consultation, those numbers are no longer a problem.

In a typical week, Monster Wave Media sends 5-6 campaigns a week with product offers, via a series of automated workflows, frequently split testing subject lines and content offers within those emails—meaning Maropost’s complex automation and optimization tools are essential to their email marketing success.

But those aren’t the only features Monster Wave is making use of, with Maropost’s send time optimization, open API integrations, and flexible email creation options also favorites amongst the Monster Wave team—with regularly released new features quickly becoming new favorites.

Monster Wave Media

We understand that your business needs are different and unique which is why we offer a variety of different services ranging from online business consultation, data monetization, creative services, offer brokering, offer creation, PPC and email marketing.

With a team that has 30 years combined industry experience; you can count on Monster Wave Media for only top-notch results, products and support.

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