Deliverability increase from 90% to 99% and revenue jump to 140%

The Challenge

Deliverability issues and limited ESPs

Native Commerce is a brand building digital marketing and e-commerce website.  With offices in Austin, TX and Los Angeles, the company is comprised of 53 media blogs, five e-commerce stores and 16 brands. Email is not only the main source of communication for the company—it’s also the top revenue driver, with 60 percent of revenue directly attributable to email. In 2014 the company found itself tied up with deliverability issues, as it outgrew the capabilities of its limited ESPs, which lacked segmentation to suit growing audiences.

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“Recently you guys integrated with Email on Acid, and we were using that separately, so the integration there was a nice touch,”

Amber Ewart

Chief Marketing Officer at NATIVE COMMERCE

The Solution

Segmentation and integrate with multiple platforms

Keren Kang, CEO of Native Commerce, recalls the decision by her and Perry Belcher, the company’s founder, to seek out an elite platform that could provide seamless segmentation, something it had not experienced before. Kang recalls what initially drew them to Maropost:

Maropost was the most robust solution for us, we tried all the competitors out there, of coursethey lasted for maybe about a month or so until we just completely outgrew it. We not only outgrew the pricing plans, but it became a big disorganized jumble,” said Kang.

Using Maropost, Native Commerce can now create segments based on visitor and customer behavior. Visitors are segmented according to level of engagement, ranging from those who simply visit the website, to those who have made specific purchases, with emails tailored to their individual experiences. As the company’s volume continues to grow, Maropost continues to integrate and roll out new features—including SMS, Push and Landing Pages—to match Native Commerce’s expanding marketing efforts.

“Recently you guys integrated with Email on Acid, and we were using that separately, so the integration there was a nice touch,” she said. “The ability to split test subject lines and be able to get accurate results from that was kind of a huge deal for us as we continue to optimize our email communication. The UI is improving and making it easier to find things so that’s a nice thing as well.”

Amber Ewart, CMO of Native Commerce also provided insight on how Maropost has helped make her job easier.

Another huge plus has been Maropost’s ability to integrate with multiple platforms and shopping carts. Since email marketing is our main source of communication and revenue, constant lead generation is a necessity,” she said.

Native Commerce

Native Commerce encompasses everything from news, to survival and preparedness, homesteading, DIY crafts, and even makeup. And that’s just to name a few.

Here’s how it works: we develop crazy effective verticals with killer content, which drive a dedicated audience, serving them with unabashed dedication through digital programming and an ever-evolving inventory of cool stuff.
Collectively, we connect with an audience of several million readers, viewers, and buyers.

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