Smooth integration with a strong marketing platform

The Challenge

Strong email marketing platform with excellent functionality

Since 2003, when it was founded as a digital publishing and marketing company, Mindvalley has grown immensely. Now, acting as an educational technology company, Mindvalley focuses on empowering learners and teachers around the globe.

As Mindvalley grew, so did its reliance on email marketing and need for strong marketing platform functionality. Because communicating with users is key for Mindvalley, they found themselves dealing with a high—and ever-increasing—volume of emails. Maria Visanoiu, the company’s previous Marketing Technology Manager—and current Product Manager—recalls the process of finding a platform that could cater to their needs.

“After we outgrew the email service we were using a few years ago, we knew we needed to move to an enterprise-level solution that could meet the complex requirements of our marketing operations,” she said.

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“..we knew we needed to move to an enterprise-level solution that could meet the complex requirements of our marketing operations”


Marketing Tech Manager at MINDVALLEY

The Solution

Complex marketing funnels with full visibility on data

Mindvalley’s focus on finding the perfect fit in a marketing automation platform brought them to Maropost. During onboarding, the Mindvalley team was immediately impressed by Maropost’s comprehensive APIs, ease of implementation, and integration with external systems. As they continued to use the platform, the team found the platform’s flexibility and features made for the perfect fit.

One of the most important changes that came with moving to Maropost was the decrease in time spent setting up marketing communications & funnels—allowing Mindvalley to dramatically streamline their marketing operations—which they can now create 50% faster than before.

Through the onboarding process and beyond, MindValley was thoroughly impressed with the work of Maropost’s client success services, receiving timely responses and resolutions directly from their dedicated client success manager.

From complex marketing funnels, to full visibility on data, Mindvalley now has the tools it needs to continue its quickly scaling operation—on Maropost.


Founded in 2003 by Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley is a learning experience company, which publishes the ideas and teachings of leading authors in the fields of personal growth, health and fitness, spirituality, productivity, mindfulness, and more—serving three million students, subscribers, and followers worldwide. Through digital education platforms, online academies, mobile apps, content platforms, and live events, Mindvalley provides transformational knowledge to empower, expand boundaries, unleash potential, and help users to lead extraordinary lives.

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