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The Challenge

Scalability issues, issues with deliverability and lack of usable statistics

Golf Fuel was in the midst of a rapid growth phase, when it began encountering scalability issues with their old marketing platform. Issues with deliverability, a lack of usable statistics, and the inability to create customizable reports were all starting to have an impact. As an online organization managing e-commerce via email communications, Golf Fuel needed a solution that could deliver timely, relevant, and targeted communications to stand out from the competition. They also wanted a marketing platform that could grow with them, and offer future solutions across channels.

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“They welcome our input on future development and are able to help bring our ideas to life, as we continue to execute our high performing campaigns.”


President at GOLF FUEL

The Solution

24/7 support team and automated workflows

After analyzing several different email service providers, Maropost quickly emerged as the best solution. Maropost’s platform met and exceeded Golf Fuel’s expectations– not only because of its technical capabilities, but also because of our 24/7 support team, which helps Golf Fuel create and optimize personalized marketing campaigns for its customers.

Maropost’s automated workflows enable Golf Fuel to create campaigns that send specific emails to customer segments, based on purchase, browsing, and response data. Workflows are also allowing Golf Fuel to set up triggered daily emails to customers and subscribers, with offers tailored to their individual interests.

As for their previous deliverability issues, Golf Fuel’s high send volume is now easily handled by Maropost’s robust platform and dedicated deliverability team.

Golf Fuel

Golf Fuel delivers scientifically-backed golf supplements to thousands of customers worldwide–ensuring only the highest-quality, most effective formulas and ingredients to help support customers and their golf game. They are currently sending well over a million emails a month to their customer base, with transactional, automated workflows.

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