Personalized offers and increasing conversions

The Challenge

Increasing engagement

In 2012, IdealShape decided to expand their email marketing efforts. After studying their previous email practices and comparing them to strategies from other businesses in the industry, they created a game plan to increase engagement with their customers through email. Four years later, email is one of the biggest drivers behind IdealShape’s growth—generating 30 percent of overall revenue. By delivering high quality free content over email, IdealShape can hone in on what subscribers are interested in them—whether it’s recipes, workouts, or nutrition—so they can create personalized offers to increase conversions.

The Solution

Targeted and optimized workflows

After years of hearing about Maropost from trusted colleagues, IdealShape decided to make the move. Since onboarding with Maropost, IdealShape’s email marketing has seen such strong expansion that it creates more opportunity to serve customers with additional free content.

Over the last 5 years,  IdealShape’s subscriber list has grown from 100,000, to over a million—and that number continues to increase on Maropost, as the company continues to offer its subscribers high quality free content over email.

Creating highly targeted and optimized workflows on Maropost allows the Ideal brands to reach their subscribers with personalized, niche emails containing workout and nutrition sets that appeal to their individual interests—whether that’s losing ten pounds or running a marathon. Maropost’s ease of use and intuitive interface means even IdealShape’s small team can easily manage the company’s 10 million daily emails.

To help them make the most of Maropost, IdealShape’s dedicated client success manager is there 24/7 to guide them through any questions or difficulties they might have with the platform—allowing IdealShape to connect with their growing customer base, without worrying about their tech


At IdealShape our passion is to transform and improve lives! Our goal is to be the simplest and easiest weight loss solution in order to help one million people achieve their ideal shape. We’ve launched 2 other Ideal brands, IdealFit and IdealRaw, and along the way, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight, get fit, and change their lives.

With the help of our trainers, health and fitness challenges, eBook guides, and well-established product line ranging from meal replacement shakes, to delicious snacks, pre-workout supplement, and more, our customers learn how to achieve real, lasting results. Our products are not meant to simply help achieve temporary success. We’re here to help people maintain their results and change their lives for good! We make that possible by providing our customers with the social support and expert advice they need to maximize their results.

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