A top performing marketing platform

The Challenge

Looking for a marketing platform with all necessary tools

The Alternative Daily is a subscription-based business that relies heavily upon email marketing to grow its overall company revenue. For a variety of reasons, they had previously been using multiple email service providers simultaneously to support their email marketing needs.

While each marketing platform had its advantages, no single one had all the tools they need. Looking to consolidate their email efforts and protect their large contact list and database, they knew they needed a new marketing platform.

When technical support issues entered into the mix, The Alternative Daily set off in search of a solution that could support their marketing efforts.

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“The deliverability team is dedicated and committed to seeing the customers campaigns perform.”



The Solution

Monitored inbox rates and updates on campaign deliverability

During the onboarding process, The Alternative Daily was immediately impressed with Maropost’s support system—from the first demo, to the post-onboarding support, to the 24/7 live chat, the Alternative Daily always has immediate access to a comprehensive service and support system.

On their previous platform, the Alternative Daily’s large contact list and multi-million monthly send volume left them encountering deliverability issues. From slow deliverability, to throttling, and delayed receipt, inbox issues were starting to take a toll on The Alternative Daily’s email marketing efforts.

With Maropost’s strength in deliverability and a team of dedicated experts, these issues were no longer on their radar. They immediately experienced top performing deliverability—what previously took several hours or a full day to complete, was reduced to less than an hour—for a list of over 1 million.

To prevent deliverability issues from becoming deliverability issues in the first place, Maropost’s deliverability team continuously monitors inbox rates with the top ISPs, to ensure reach and prevent any potential problems. And with real time updates on campaign deliverability and performance, The Alternative Daily team could now ensure their campaigns were always functioning at peak performance.

Since joining Maropost, the team has watched the platform grow and expand, taking on an active role in feature development.

Today, the team is using the automated workflows to segment out the most active contacts, and leveraging an “un-open campaign” strategy to target those who have not previously opened—to focus on reengagement. As well, they’re also taking advantage of the platform’s auto-responder campaign series capabilities, which has increased their lift by 30%—a noticeable impact on conversions and revenue.

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