While there’s so many reasons to be thankful about modern technology and how it helps to make our lives easier, individuals need to have a willingness to learn in order to fully understand it.

For example, compare traditional marketing with email marketing. In the traditional way of delivering mail, whether rain or the shine, your mail can’t just remain at the post office. The postal employees make it their mission to do anything to deliver your mail. In email marketing, it’s not quite the case.

It is a fact that a large number of emails do not reach their expected destinations. Some may be sent to the wrong email address, some may go straight to the spam folder or some may just be deleted and go directly to one’s trash without the content ever being read. If you’re thinking that email marketing is just as easy as writing something and then hitting send in order for you to achieve success, then you’re looking at it the wrong way.

With so many companies, businesses and organizations competing to have successful email deliverability, it is essential to fully understand everything about it. There are ways to improve email deliverability, but before you can get there, you need to understand the basics to ensure strong results.

Top factors of email deliverability

The most important thing to remember and care for as you begin creating email marketing campaigns is your reputation as a sender. While it can be done easily, you’ll find results when you track the responses of your subscribers as part of successful email deliverability. Make sure that you have a well-planed goal and better understanding of its parts.

Here are some quick things that you should consider to improve deliverability:

Organize your list. Start fresh and systematic.

Write and create the best email marketing content. This is the key for impressing your subscribers and attracting leads that may convert into sales. Make sure that you have transmitted your email content in a clear way. Wasting your efforts in doing your email marketing campaigns without properly transmitting it is a huge no-no!

Look into any issues your recipients may have.

After you send your content to your recipient, take time to check if there are issues related to it. Track and understand every result that you can get from your email marketing campaigns and work to improve them.

You should also check if there are inactive subscribers so that you can clean your list. Don’t let your list be full of junk email addresses which can’t be used for anything.

Deliverability is a major deal in the advancement of your email marketing success. It can be made easy once you have a better understanding about how you can the delivery of what you send. We will soon provide you with specific ideas to improve your deliverability. If you want to see how the Maropost for Marketing ensures what you send gets delivered click on the image below to have a guided tour of our platform.

[sc name=”guide-DeliverabilityGuide”]

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