When discussing marketing automation as it relates to customer engagement, it’s important to keep in mind that marketing automation was once used only by early adopting B2B organizations. Now, it has become a necessity for both B2B and B2C marketing teams who want to provide value and build long-lasting relationships with their audience and customers. By using the tools at their disposal, marketers can set campaigns and content on autopilot, reaching target customers and tracking ROI of their efforts.

Streamlines Processes

There once was a time when marketers had to do everything manually, from entering and updating customer information to sending out emails one by one. Not only is this time consuming, it also increases the likelihood of errors and inaccuracies.

Marketing automation by nature updates customer information automatically based on behavior, saving time for marketing teams and dramatically reducing errors. Additionally, marketers can set up campaigns to run automatically over a certain period of time, so emails and other engagement are sent strategically rather than on an ad hoc basis.

Not only does increased efficiency have a positive impact on internal operations, it also allows marketers to focus on what matters: offering an outstanding experience for customers with an appealing website, compelling marketing messages and an easy ordering and purchasing process.

Provides Real-Time Data for Personalized Content

Automation solutions are about more than just boosting marketing productivity. They also boost customer engagement by taking customers’ unique characteristics into account and making it simpler than ever to deliver compelling content that draws people in and keeps brands top of mind.

Marketing automation tools also allow for real-time tracking and alerts through embedded code, which records email opens and clicks, page visits, form submissions and more. Reporting tools give insight into who your customers are, as well as what types of content and communications work or don’t work.

The robust customer data provided in these solutions allows for marketers to make data-driven decisions for future communications. Previous purchases, behaviors and engagement can all be used to segment customers and inform the content served to them via email, social or mobile push. Using data, every customer will receive only the most relevant information they are most likely to engage with.

Personalized contact will make customers feel more connected to your brand, thus making them more likely to make purchases again and again.

Builds Brand Loyalty

Similar to B2B lead nurturing with email workflows, marketing automation works for B2C companies who want to keep their customers engaged with ongoing communication. Offering not just promotional, but also educational, content for customers as they make their way through the customer journey positions yourself as a thought leader in your space and shows that you care. Brands that do business with compassion are the ones that garner loyal customers.

Incorporating marketing automation solutions into your customer engagement strategy helps you work smarter to deliver the right content, to the right people at the right time and create a group of devoted fans and customers.

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