Choosing the best Email Marketing Platform is important to keep your audience engaged and increase the customer lifetime value by sending targeted messages at the right time of the customer lifecycle.

With the right email marketing software, you can build loyalty, trust and brand awareness. Enhance your relationship with current and previous customers by sending deals, news and tidbits to the right people at the right time. Combined with Maropost’s other marketing automation tools such our email marketing tool can help you formulate effective emails through templates and other perks. 
Find out more about 10 essential features that can revolutionize your email market campaigns:

1. Operational Email Deliverability 

No matter how great your messaging, photos and linking strategy are, it all goes to waste if the customer never receives the email. Deliverability tends to be the biggest struggle for any email marketer, with ESP’s ever-changing algorithms, it’s important to keep a constant pulse on deliverability. If you’re not actively working to create a good sender reputation, chances are your reputation is getting worse. 

Maropost’s email marketing platform leads the industry in getting emails to the subscriber’s inbox. The built-in campaign monitor helps you track which emails are making it through and which email addresses you need to scrub from your distribution list. 

Read the available guides to improve your email deliverability and engagement rates. 

2. Email Journey Builder 

Automation for nurture campaigns or abandoned cart campaigns have the highest ROI. With these automated journeys, your team and can set and forget! Follow the intuitive Journey Builder to create professional emails that engage your current and prospective customers.

You can use the tool to drag and drop content within the email design framework. Forget about HTML. Just add images, text and buttons and use the email editor to tweak your content.  

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3. Personalized Emails using Dynamic Content 

With email personalization, you can leverage detailed information you know about your customers to position your brand and messaging in a way that resonates with them. Personalized messaging has been proven time and time again to be more effective than generic branding, particularly improving open and click through rates. 

Maropost’s email marketing platform helps you stand out from the competition. Start sending emails addressing customers by their name and adding compelling subject lines that capture the recipient’s attention.   

4. Send Time Optimization 

Launch messages at the optimal time, which is when recipients have opened your emails in the past. Send time optimization improves click-through rates and conversions. 

5. Live Content 

Depending on when clients open your email, you may want to insert different calls to action. For instance, for clients opening the email after a promotion has ended, you can send them to the latest deals or top-selling items. 

6. White-Glove Support from Marketing Experts 

When you reach out for assistance on the Maropost email marketing platform, you get a live person, not a chatbot. With more than 30 years of customer success experience, our support team offers white-glove treatment to every customer on every call. 

Support is our main focus and we are dedicated to helping you learn the system and get your emails to the right inboxes. Whether you submit a ticket, call us on the phone or send a chat message, we respond within 5 minutes.  

7. Community 

Connect with other marketers and the Maropost team to learn and share best practices. The internet can be a lonely place for entrepreneurs, so let us help you build a network of professionals. Collaborate, share and inspire others with your great ideas! 

Maropost also invites you to become a part of the product team through Maropost Labs: an initiative where customers get to speak directly with those building the product and platform to make the most of product roadmap. 

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8. 24/7 Online Tech Support 

Access over 3000 articles, screencasts and videos to learn how to leverage our email marketing platform to full advantage. Browse through the Help Centre to understand more about the assets available at your fingertips. 

9. System Status 

Are you having a problem with the email markering platform? Refer to the Maropost Status Page for current and historical data on the system. Our customers appreciate our transparency and high availability that allows them to complete their marketing campaigns with rare interruptions. 

10. Integrate with Your Tech Stack 

Integrate with hundreds of apps and tools for seamless visibility and monitoring. Maropost aligns with over 500 partners and allows open source solutions to customers with in-house developers. 

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