In this blog post I want to share with you how to increase efficiency within your B2C marketing software tech stack (and overall business profitability) by leveraging tools that do the work for you rather than tools that add to your busy team’s workload.

This way, your team can focus on what they’re really good at and you, as the business owner can sleep with your two eyes closed knowing your marketing technology hassles are taken care of.

Here’s a quick overview: 

The Challenge of B2C Marketing Software Integration

Every time you read an article on B2C marketing software automation, you will always read about investing in technology and software for automation, broad marketing, etc. When you hear the individual functions of most of the software programs it is usually a lot to take in. And it gets even more frustrating when you try to integrate this software with that software and make the adjustments to automate things so they don’t clash with each other… whew! 

Well, even though software programs and marketing automation tools were created to make the 21st-century mode of marketing easier for you, when you have to use a number of them together it sometimes becomes as frustrating as that starting point when you haven’t utilized any at all.

But why not just use a software? You may ask. A software may be missing one vital function but possess several other important functions that you need. As a result, you would have to use more than one software to complement for missing functionalities. 

This is commonly referred to as “monster marketing”. At least, that’s our very own definition of it.

Let’s assume you are trying to create a car from spare parts, you get a Porsche engine and its connecting rods however, that particular engine doesn’t have a treading feature, but instead of getting a completely new engine, you decide to utilize a truck’s steering wheel so you have the function you need.

But for that to work, you need a few extra special bolts to hold the steering wheel in and you have to be extra conscious about it just in case it shifts the wrong way (this illustration may not be accurate but this is just a visual exercise). This monstrosity is functional but stressful.  

“So what am I going to do to simplify my B2C marketing software tech stack?” You are probably asking right now. Well, instead of running all of this on your own, what you need is a comprehensive marketing automation software that has already set up teams that handle each aspect of marketing with the latest software and tech.

And you don’t need to search far for this! But before I give you the final solution to your dilemma, let me share with you a few reasons why this is necessary.

Any experienced marketing team would understands the importance of conducting series of tests to obtain optimum functionality, even when it has to do with seemingly minute things like email subject lines when you are improving email deliverability, or when you are developing the most versatile ad thumbnail. 

However, employing a comprehensive B2C marketing automation software would make the testing process easier for you because there is an established team who have done the research and who continue to research. They show you the necessary tests to be conducted and collate the outcome for you, in the end presenting you with results and a comprehensive summation of the different tests they’ve done.

Usually these sets of tests they conduct are to improve different aspects of your marketing including: 

  • Welcome programs
  • Repurchase programs
  • One-off multistep campaigns
  • Reminder programs

These tests would probably take you forever, no shade being thrown. But with the right comprehensive marketing automation platform backed by the right team, all you have to do is provide what you do and your customer base, they will run the tests and you will the results. Simple and straight forward.

Increasing Efficiency with your Marketing Automation

A lot of B2C companies have stockpiled logs of consumer data but have no idea what to use it for but, an already established team that handles comprehensive B2C marketing automation software has mastered the art of leveraging on consumer data.

These consumer data can be used to improve personalization and help you segment your clients for better marketing campaigns. And this is an important necessity to gain maximum returns especially in ecommerce.  

With consumer data, you have power. Power to functionally understand your customers. Power to communicate directly to the individuals even though you are reaching the masses at one goal. Power to double your sales because you know who your consumers are.

But then you would not know how to use this power without specialized hands helping you. This is exactly why you need comprehensive marketing automation and a team that not only develops it but utilizes it often.  

The team can also use artificial intelligence to create customer personas from your data. This in turn can be used to run certain tests to help achieve the following:

Gauge customer reactions

It is simple, you may not know how to read the data, but the marketing team will, and they will help you understand your clientele and provide them with the best service possible.

Segment your clients to deliver a personalized experience

Remember that you are utilizing data-driven research to develop these personas, with the persona you go on to gauge probable responses based on which you will segment your clients. This is a highly technical process, and rather than cracking your skull to understand and then implement, simply get someone to do it for you.

Develop new products 

With these personas, you can run preference tests and gauge the reaction of the masses to your new products. When your persona is satisfied, you run tests with the masses. 

Understand Client Language 

Your clients speak English but English may not be their business language. I don’t mean you should go on to start writing ads in Swedish, I mean that the set of vocabulary your clients understand could be different from what you would utilize. This is determined using A/B testing, and running a bunch of other tests. Whew, a lot of pressure.

Well, a thirty-year-old has a better hand on walking than a one-year-old. No matter how gifted and blessed a person may be, experience is always going to give a push.  

Cut your learning Curve – Become Profitable Today

Now, do you need to wait five years before you get it right? No. You might have heard the saying “Experience is the best teacher”, but who says it has to be your experience? That is why you need an already established and tested marketing automation software and you need a specialized team to do it for you.

They have the experience and all you do is gain from it. The 21st century is a stress-free period for those who wish it to be. So, hire someone to take the stress for you.

Think about all the time you spend on email marketing, mobile marketing, web push marketing, social Media marketing, SEO and content marketing, paid search advertising, and you still go on to product development, customer service etc; these time can be saved so you can focus solely on executing other parts of your business. 

Make no mistake, I don’t mean that things would be rushed, I mean that while you handle the product development, they handle the email marketing and while you handle the clients’ complaints, they handle the social media marketing, and so on. So, fewer migraines and more financial gain, publicity, and consumer satisfaction.  

For B2C companies particularly, you must know that reaching the masses takes devotion and precision, a good heart for accepting failure, and an even better one to try again and again. However, with a comprehensive marketing automation software that is run by a power team, you’re guaranteed to have stellar results. 

Where to start to simplify your B2C Marketing software tech stack

“But where am I going to such a team?” Well, look no further because Maropost is here to take away all your marketing and software integration worries. Our software and website are easy to navigate yet all-encompassing. We have 500+ integrations that we’ve built and we can help you create the custom and convenient integration you need to take your business to the next level.

With Maropost for Marketing you can easily connect with a number of apps to create a truly integrated inbound marketing experience that drives revenue, improves customer relationships, and powers efficiency for your business—all in one easy-to-use platform. 

Our email marketing automation will convert your prospects into clients through the delivery of targeted emails with industry-leading inbox deliverability, advance reporting, sophisticated segmentation, list management, lead nurturing, landing pages, template management, and A/B testing.

Yeah, that’s a lot! But there’s more.

With Maropost for Commerce, your tech-stack will be simplified providing you enriched data and a 360 degree view of all your customers in one place.

Also, you will be able segment and send messages with our mobile marketing platform based on customer data, website actions, or mobile application engagement. You will also be able to set in-app events to trigger push notifications and in-app messages that will deliver personalized alerts, deals, and discounts.

At Maropost, we have a team of trained and seasoned professionals who round the clock to give you a better night’s sleep knowing that the fate of your tech stack is in safe productive and tested hands.

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