If you’re an email marketer, here are five things that will power up your email program. While we could spend a long time discussing each of these topics, for now, here are the highlights:

1. Check your frequency

The one thing that will drive up email success more than any other variable is frequency. Generally, the more you send, the more you make. The big question is how much is too much? The answer is to find out. Design tests that ramp up frequency to a small set of users and see what happens.

2. Fix your sign-up forms

One of the easiest ways to cause delivery problems is to let bad email addresses through the door. Between simple reg-x verification of the structure of the email, down to real-time validation of your email addresses, there’s no good reason you should be letting (a lot of) bad addresses into your program.

3. Get better KPIs

If you’re an email marketer who is still relying on Open Rate to judge the success of your program, it’s time to upgrade your success metrics. Whether it’s revenue or cumulative engagement rate, the data is there – make sure you use it to create better ways for measuring your program’s success.

4. Know email’s “leverage”

The truth is that straight-line, pixel based credit for your email program significantly cuts down on the perceived impact, and attributed revenue, of it. Instead, work with your database team to measure the true impact of the email channel. You, and a lot of people, will be surprised at the power and brand impact of your email program.

5. Clarify your email programs “brand promise”

The real reason people are signing up for your program? It’s their perception that your brand will deliver (via email) on some sort of brand promise. Whether it’s never missing a concert because you don’t know about it, discovering what’s great about a far off destination, or finding great freebies and deals every day, make sure you understand what YOUR email program is there for – then deliver it to your client.

Interested in more practical email tips you can use to improve subscriber engagement, delivery rates, opens and click-throughs? After sending over seven billion emails across more than 35,000 campaigns, we’ll give you our best tips and tricks to power up your email program in our free Developing a Great Email Program Whitepaper.

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