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Increase engagement

Build complex customer journeys in minutes. Segment your audiences in seconds. Personalize your messages. And ensure that they’re delivered to the inbox effectively with Deliverability Score, Spam Checker, and other sophisticated deliverability tools.

Full lifecycle autopilot

Send dynamic content, trigger emails, mobile notifications, unique coupon codes, website pop-ups, and SMSs based on historical engagement. Cover every stage of the customer lifecycle with campaigns and content—entirely on autopilot.

Personalize landing pages

Personalize all of your touch points by leveraging mobile app engagement data and on-site web activity, while capitalizing on customer data by creating dynamic content landing pages.

Deepen your mobile reach

Segment and schedule SMS message and in-app notifications while using your application data to expand to your audience segmentation across all marketing channels.

Unify social media

Automate organic social media posts and integrate with lead gen ads. Push custom audiences to your social accounts. Or retarget them based on actions from your unified customer data.

Multi-channel engagement

A platform that has the tools and team to help marketers segment their audiences, personalize their messages, and ensure emails are delivered to the inbox.

Data-driven email

Increase email engagement with data-driven email marketing. From send-time optimization to dynamic email personalization, we’re here to ensure emails not only deliver to the inbox but generate results for your business.

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Data-driven email

Simplified mobile engagement

Keep up with on-the-move customers—and drive engagement from any location. Reach your audience anywhere with SMS and push notifications, using behaviour to automatically trigger personalized journeys across channels.

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Simplified mobile engagement

Social campaign alignment

Nurture campaigns shouldn’t stop at email. As social media engagement continues to grow, it’s important to ensure messaging is unified across all social channels. Maropost makes it easy with pre-built social integrations.

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Social campaign alignment

Personalized web experiences

Give your audience a seamless experience from email sent to the website visited. Build user profiles that combines purchase data with web funnel progress to deliver personalized web content. Maropost’s custom landing pages use dynamic content to build pages that adapt to each visitor.

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Personalized web experiences

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