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Intelligent Commerce Worldwide

Our intelligent commerce solutions are the driving force behind the exceptional customer experiences of over 500 fast-growing retail and ecommerce brands worldwide. From the moment a customer clicks onto your website, we create personalised, conversion-optimised journeys that turn anonymous browsers into loyal, repeat buyers.

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Search Cloud by Findify

AI Powered Search & Merchandising

The heart of successful ecommerce lies in the shopper’s experience. With Maropost’s Search Cloud, you can revolutionise the way customers navigate and discover products.

  • Search: Empower customers to find products effortlessly with our AI-powered natural language processing (NLP), autocomplete, and dynamic filtering
  • Personalise: Our advanced AI algorithm tailors each shopper’s experience, making their journey exciting and helping them find products that resonate.
  • Merchandise: Craft smart merchandising rules based on factors like margin, volume, and collection, ensuring that right products are highlighted
  • Promote: Create a buzz around your latest offering with eye-catching promo cards, banner, and stickers
  • Recommend: Boost sales through automated personalised product recommendations, making upselling and cross-selling a breeze.

Search by Findify

Marketing Cloud

Email & SMS Campaigns that Convert

In the dynamic world of marketing, standing out is essential. Maropost’s Marketing Cloud provides you with the tools to create engaging omnichannel campaigns that captivate your audience.

  • Acquire: Grow your customer base with captivating pop-ups, offers, surveys, and landing pages.
  • Segment: Develop precise customer segments based on contact data, purchase history, and browsing behavior.
  • Automate: Craft intricate omnichannel journeys and campaigns using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
  • Connect: Foster personal and contextual connections through email, SMS, and mobile apps.
  • Convert: Seal the deal with A/B testing, personalised product recommendations, and insightful reporting.

Marketing Cloud

Service Cloud

Seamless Customer Support

At Maropost, we understand that great customer experiences don’t end at checkout. Our Service Cloud unifies marketing and support, enabling you to deliver seamless, consistent interactions throughout the customer journey.

  • Centralise: Manage tickets from various channels - email, phone, in-person - all from a single, streamlined platform.
  • Expedite: Handle high-ticket volumes efficiently with prioritisation ratings, bulk actions, and automated workflows.
  • Communicate: Keep customers informed with automated notifications and personalised messages.
  • Track: Build comprehensive customer profiles by automatically creating or updating contact records.
  • Report: Optimise customer service processes with interactive dashboards and insightful reports.

Empowering retail and E-commerce Brands: The Benefits of Maropost

Choosing Maropost's Intelligent Commerce Solution isn't just a decision - it's a strategic move towards redefining your brand's success in the competitive world of retail and e-commerce. Here's how our suite of solutions can empower your brand:

Benefit #1 Enhanced Personalisation for Elevated Engagement

Tailoring the shopping experience to individual preferences drives higher engagement and loyalty.

Maropost’s AI-powered algorithms analyse shopper behavior to curate personalised product recommendations, search results, and content. This hyper-personalisation ensures that every customer is met with products that resonate, increasing the likelihood of conversions and fostering a deeper connection with your brand.

Benefit #2 Streamlined Marketing Operations for Amplified Reach

Efficient marketing processes lead to more impactful campaigns and broader market reach.

With Maropost’s Marketing Cloud, you gain a centralised platform that simplifies campaign creation, audience segmentation, and multichannel communication. By automating workflows and providing advanced reporting, your team can focus on crafting compelling content and strategising, ultimately amplifying your brand’s presence and capturing a wider audience.

Benefit #3 Unified Customer Journey for Lasting Loyalty

Seamlessly guiding customers from discovery to support cultivates brand loyalty and repeat business.

Maropost’s Service Cloud bridges the gap between marketing and customer support, ensuring a consistent and seamless brand experience. By centralising customer interactions and providing comprehensive support tools, you can create a journey that not only facilitates purchases but also nurtures lasting relationships, turning first-time buyers into lifelong brand advocates.

Benefit #4 Data-Driven Decision Making for Continuous Growth

Data-backed insights empower informed decision making and sustainable business growth.

Every interaction within Maropost’s suite generates valuable data that can be harnessed for optimisation. With detailed analytics, reporting, and interactive dashboards, you can uncover trends, identify areas for improvement, and fine-tune your strategies. This data-driven approach equips you to make informed decisions that drive continuous growth and keep your brand ahead of the curve.

Transforming Brands, Elevating Experiences

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Mindvalley: Streamlining Marketing Excellence

Unleash Campaign Efficiency - 50% Faster Setup, Amplified Engagement

Mindvalley, a trailblazer in personal growth and learning experiences, harnessed Maropost's Marketing Cloud to conquer the challenge of managing a rapidly growing email volume. The result? A 50% decrease in the time spent setting up marketing communications and funnels. With more time to engage meaningfully, Mindvalley forged stronger connections with its audience.

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Transforming Brands, Elevating Experiences

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White River Hardwoods: Igniting Online Sales

Spark Product Discovery - A 200% Surge in Online Sales

White River Hardwoods, a leader in architectural millwork solutions, faced the challenge of guiding shoppers through a vast array of products. Maropost's Search Cloud, powered by Findify, rewrote their story with a remarkable 200% increase in online sales. Experience the transformation – discover how efficient product discovery can revolutionise growth.

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Transforming Brands, Elevating Experiences

Check out these Maropost case studies

UroTuning: Personalisation that Drives Conversion

Grow Engagement - A 25% Uplift in Conversion Rate

UroTuning, the ultimate destination for OEM and performance car parts, unlocked the potential of personalisation with Maropost's Search Cloud. By tailoring product discovery, they achieved a staggering 25% increase in site conversion rates. UroTuning's story underscores the importance of relevancy in driving engagement and conversions.

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Your Path to Intelligent Commerce Starts Here

  • Efficient Marketing: Elevate campaign efficiency, reduce setup time, and engage meaninfully.
  • Enhanced Product Discovery: Personalise shopping journeys, boost sales, and drive conversions
  • Tailored Experiences: Craft intuitive search encounters, foster engagement, and build lasting loyalty.

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