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With 17 different brands and product categories, MAC Group is the supplier of choice for over 200,000 professional photographers, filmmakers, educators, and students for high-quality photography and videography equipment.

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Maropost is directly responsible for some of the biggest improvements in the history of our company. And the best part is that Maropost is continuously reinvesting in their product and continuously making it better.

Victor Ha

Director of eCommerce and Marketing Channels at MAC Group

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The Challenge

MAC Group succeeds because of their “company within a company” philosophy—each product is run as its own company, with its own unique needs and marketing demands. While this method makes for extremely personalized and relevant communications, it’s also time and resource-intensive, especially as MAC Group continues to grow its catalog and subscriber list. And after being in business almost thirty years, MAC Group’s massive customer database had begun to fragment, further complicating their segmentation and email marketing processes.

Here were their goals:

  • Drive email clicks, opens, and conversions towards customer engagement and purchases
  • Reduce manual set-up and execution of technical processes
  • Ensure organization and sanitation of mailing lists
  • Deliver  personalized communications and relevant recommendations
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The Solution

Working closely with Maropost’s Client Success team, MAC Group created reactivation campaigns to cleanse inactive subscribers from their mailing list. Sophisticated filters worked to further to organize and sort their recipients lists moving forward.

MAC Group also set up comprehensive end-to-end email journeys to truly automate their campaigns—cutting down on time and resources spent, while eliminating several manual processes.

Using Maropost’s advanced visual reporting, MAC Group could see exactly how and where recipients were engaging with their emails, MAC Group then used that data to continually improve their campaigns.

  • Automating email journeys, campaigns, and reporting
  • Segmenting for different audiences, streams, and unique user profiles
  • Personalization based off content preferences and interests
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The Results

In their first six months, MAC Group was already seeing great improvements on their KPIs and purchases:

  •   80+ segments: Maropost offers the industry’s most comprehensive segmentation and journey tools – because your needs and your customers are unique.
  • 400% increase in open rate: Maropost’s segmentation and multi-variate testing options are the most powerful in the industry, so you can be sure you’re sending the best version of your email every time
  • 750% increase in click rate: Visual reporting means you can easily see and understand huge sets of data, then leverage data insights to drive conversions 50% increase in sales: Maropost’s journeys are end-to-end: from first impression to purchase (and repeat purchases!)
  • 50% increase in sales: Campaigns from Maropost Marketing Cloud were directly responsible for a 50% lift in sales for MAC Group. 

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