Having capacity to build complex email triggers and segments

The Challenge

Building complex triggers and email segments

Collage.com’s previous marketing platform couldn’t keep up with their evolving eCommerce needs and lacked the capabilities to build the complex segments and triggers they were looking to create. When looking for a new vendor, Collage.com evaluated 12 platforms on their ability to create triggered campaigns, transactional campaigns, and sync with Collage.com’s internal database, while still being easy enough to use that no features go to waste. After a rigorous evaluation process, Maropost came out on top. Here were their goals:

  • Build complex triggers and segments to accommodate their eCommerce needs
  • Generate hands-off revenue through email marketing
  • Sync all marketing data with Collage.com’s internal database

The Solution

40 complex triggers set up with detailed segmentation

Maropost Marketing Cloud stood out with our ability to easily create complex transactional and triggered campaigns across detailed segments. Now, with Maropost, Collage.com can turn their email marketing into a hands-off revenue generation system. With over 40 triggers set up on Maropost, Collage.com can now take their eCommerce to the next level.

  • Detailed segments spanning everything from purchase history to purchase timeline
  • Complex triggers to increase eCommerce capabilities and online revenue
  • Easy to use platform to allow lean marketing team to create complex campaigns

The Results

54% Decrease in bounce rate

With Maropost’s easy to use platform, Collage.com’s lean marketing team was able to create the complex transactional and triggered campaigns they needed to expand their eCommerce efforts. Now, Collage.com is able to make their email marketing work for them, creating new revenue channels and reaping the rewards of a robust campaign program.

  • 40+ triggers for everything from cart abandon to care instructions after a purchase
  • 54% Decrease in bounce rate means more of Collage.com’s emails were reaching the inbox than ever before
  • Created hundreds of segments, many incorporating customer behaviour from email engagement combined with purchase behaviour
  • Used tables imported from the Collage.com database and combined them with Maropost’s SQL functionality to create extremely nuanced segment functionality


Collage.com makes custom photo products easy for anyone to create. From their bestselling fleece photo blankets to canvas prints, photo books, and more than 50 other photo products, Collage.com is the perfect place to design a heartfelt gift for any occasion. The company has been featured more than a dozen times on national TV, including Good Morning America, The View, and the TODAY Show.

What started as a way for one of Collage.com’s cofounders to make an anniversary collage for his girlfriend (now wife), has become a site used by hundreds of thousands of happy customers to create something unique from their best memories.

Collage.com wanted a marketing platform that was easy to use and allowed for complex customer segmentation and triggered emails, so they came to Maropost Marketing Cloud.

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