4x industry open rates with email marketing segmentation

The Challenge

A marketing strategy for improving sales

The company wanted a new marketing solution that was nimble enough to adapt to its rapidly-evolving needs. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz required that all customer outreach was strategic, purposeful, and based on specific, relevant segments, journeys, and individual user profiles. The company’s goals were as follows:

  • Drive purchases of Mercedes-Benz vehicles
  • Boost customer engagement
  • Reduce manual set-up and execution of technical processes Maropost Marketing Cloud was deemed to be the right company for the job.
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“Maropost Marketing Cloud is an agile business partner that is able to quickly and effectively adapt its platform to suit our needs.”

Kelly Seawright

Manager of Digital Platforms at MERCEDES-BENZ

The Solution

Segmentation, automation and unique email template

Mercedes-Benz requested “the best or nothing”, so we gave them the very best.

For over a year, Maropost’s Product and Client Success teams worked closely with Mercedes-Benz Canada to develop a powerful email template with advanced functionality. We implemented bleeding-edge liquid scripting—the most advanced personalization and automation processes—to dynamically generate content based on the recipient’s habits, preferences, and unique user profile. We also created a primary email template to fuel all of Mercedes-Benz’s email campaigns.

A complete, robust, and strategic communications package resulted from this collaboration, which yielded the following services:

  • Segmentation for different audiences, streams, and unique user profiles
  • Liquid scripting email templates for ultimate personalization and dynamic content
  • Automation for email journeys, campaigns, and reporting

The Results

4x open rate than industry standard

In the first two months following implementation, Mercedes-Benz generated outstanding results using Maropost’s platform:

250+ segments and 85 journeys: Maropost offers the industry’s most comprehensive segmentation and journey tools that, when combined with an intuitive automation process, come together to form the ultimate communications platform.

4x industry open rates: Mercedes-Benz’s open rates are currently four times the industry standard, thanks in part to Maropost’s powerful segmentation and multivariate testing options.

3x industry click rates: Liquid scripting combines advanced personalization and automation processes to boost Mercedes-Benz Canada’s unique click rate to three times the industry standard.


Ever since Mercedes-Benz invented the automobile more than a century ago, the brand has been committed to developing and supporting cutting-edge innovations. In 2015, Mercedes-Benz Canada identified the Maropost Marketing Cloud as the preferred option to meet its complex email and marketing needs. Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with quality; the company’s discerning clientele expect the same standard of its communications, making Maropost Marketing Cloud the natural choice.

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