Every day, new technology is being released that improves the consumer experience–and challenges marketers to keep up. One way to ensure you don’t fall behind is to implement a sales and marketing alignment strategy that increases ROI and reduces costs.

Every time marketers fail to target properly, to deliver relevant content, or to make a meaningful touchpoint, we’re missing an opportunity to improve customer-brand relationships and loyalty. People don’t like to see ads that are overtly trying to sell them something – that’s obvious. But what isn’t as obvious, is the impact on the sales funnel, and how a consumer makes a purchasing decision.

Renowned digital marketer and founder of KISSmetrics, Neil Patel argues that this shift in customer expectations is changing the sales funnel, and that marketers should create engaging content that moves people through the sales funnel by building a relationship with the brand—essentially providing value first, without asking anything in return.

But in order to employ this strategy effectively, your sales and marketing teams need to be totally aligned. This ensures that the data-driven insights necessary to truly know your customer can be used seamlessly along the complete customer journey. If the journey isn’t seamless—and information is lost or miscommunicated between sales and marketing—the overall customer experience suffers, resulting in a poor relationship with the brand and lost sales opportunities.

To ensure this alignment between the two departments, industry experts argue that companies should hire a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). In fact, Korn Ferry identified a CRO as the most important C-level role across all industries.

The emerging role of CRO is particularly vital to organizations because it synchronizes communications, while discovering opportunities to optimize revenue. And it’s data alignment that’s responsible for revenue optimization—data alignment across CRM, Marketing Automation platforms, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This information can then be leveraged to take potential customers on better journeys, build a better relationship between the brand and the consumer, and ultimately lead to more conversions.

Maropost for Marketing can do all of this, and much more with its extensive list of features. Use Maropost for Marketing today and to increase brand loyalty and ROI.


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