If you take the name at face value, an email double opt-in sounds like twice the ask. You’re working hard to create content and offers that will resonate with your audience, why would you want to give anyone a chance to second guess signing up for more?

The biggest advantage of the double-opt-in process is that you’ll know the email you are receiving is for a valid address from an inbox that’s being checked regularly.

This is especially helpful if you’ve been noticing an increase in spam addresses on your list, or if you have had low open rates or abuse complaints in the past.

What are double opt-ins and why should you use them?

A double opt-in is a two-step process where a person fills out a form to sign up for your emails (step one), then receives a confirmation email where they must click a link to further indicate they want to subscribe (step two). This approach not only signifies that a person has a high interest in your content, but it also legitimizes your subscriber list, reducing the likelihood you’ll end up in the spam folder.

What is the difference between single and double opt-ins?

Single opt-ins are just the first step in the double opt-in process: a user completes a form, generally on your website, agreeing to receive your emails. While the added step in the double opt-in process may result in a shorter list, it verifies that those who have subscribed are most likely to open and engage with the emails you send.

How do I set up a double opt-in?

It’s fairly simple; it just requires these three elements, which you can automate within your site and ESP:

  • Signup form
  • Triggered verification email
  • “Thank you” landing page

Remember to optimize all emails and landing pages to ensure the best user experience—each element should be branded and consistent with your brand’s tone and messaging.

Or, take it one step further and make sure you get the most out of your new “thank you” page by adding product recommendations, related content, or asking for referrals and social shares.
Still have questions? Contact Maropost’s support team to learn more and set up your own double opt-ins.

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