Life can throw us lots of unexpected surprises. Sometimes during these rollercoaster events you may decide to decrease the amount of emails that you are sending or the frequency that you usually send out campaigns. This is completely normal as you take time to focus on pressing issues and decide which actions to take that align with your business values. Once you’ve adjusted to the new reality, it’s time to start email campaigns again.   

Reducing sending volume can impact your delivery rate once you begin sending again so we’ve put together our top tips for rebooting your email efforts.  

  1. Continue New Subscriber Welcome emails and other journeys to subscribers.  
  2. Set up Journeys or Campaigns to mail at least twice a month, preferably weekly.  
  3. Send weekly only to subscribers that have opened an email in the past 30 days.  
  4. Send every other week to those that have opened in 31-60 days. 
  5. Do not send to subscribers outside the ranges listed above.  
  6. When ready to go back to normal volume, or any major increase in volume, and frequency, do both gradually over a period of 2-3 weeks.  
  7. Schedule a call with your Maropost Client Services and Deliverability rep for further details or help. 

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