With so many channels, it’s easier than ever for brands to communicate, but it’s harder than ever to truly connect. 

Consumers are more connected, more informed, more empowered and more unpredictable – their expectations continue to change and building lasting and durable relationships are no longer transactional.    

Every customer engagement is an opportunity — or a risk — to that relationship. 

Using software that limits your ability to execute on your aspirations, not having a complete view of your customer to deliver truly personalized and relevant connections, and wasting time trying to make the software work for you instead of focusing on creating meaningful engagement experiences all contribute to killing relationships with your customers and potentially damaging your brand. 

At Maropost, we believe that marketers today have an extraordinary opportunity to stand out from the noise by building transformational relationships with your customers.   

We believe that you should be able to ask for help and get it from a human. An expert human, with experience helping other marketers become rockstars and brands become institutions. 

We believe it should be simple to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time through the right channel. 

Over the past year, the strides we’ve made are a testament to a relentless focus on removing friction between you and your customers.  We haven’t just grown our platform, we’ve evolved to simplify customer engagement.  Here’s a look back at the journey of our platform over the last 12 months:

  • The launch of Maropost for Commerce made us the first marketing platform to offer a 360-degree view into all touchpoints a customer has with your brand. This single customer view includes purchase history, site visits, email engagements, mobile app usage, and more, and is at the heart of what we strive to do.
  • Our core platform, Maropost for Marketing, has taken its own journey, with new innovation through an improved user experience, expanded cross-channel capabilities, and a focus on automation to deliver personalization at scale. With these changes we’ve delivered new value to our growing base of customers – More to come on this.  
  • We’ve invested in our platform architecture to deliver more scalability, performance, and uptime reliability as our customers grow. Plus, our expanded integrations and API platform has added more value to our customers and their existing tech stack. We’ve created a faster, lighter-weight solution that allows users to combine various elements of data in a single API call.
  • We’re also bringing more insights into our reporting features, allowing customers to track what really matters – customer engagement and overall business success.   
  • Multi-account capabilities enable our agency partners to use the Maropost platform to support their customers with the simplicity they need.
  • Recently, we moved our tools and services to the Google Cloud Platform through a partnership with Google, allowing us to meet the demands of our merchant customers and reduce their growing pains. 

Upon reflection, the past several months for Maropost have been momentous. These changes to our platform are just the beginning in what we have planned to simplify customer engagement and turn marketers into rockstars. We’re excited to continue growing with you and look forward to what’s to come.  

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