Maropost is making its mark on the rapidly expanding North American SaaS industry, with CEO Ross Andrew Paquette setting the foundation and vision for success.

Paquette recently sat down with Nathan Latka from the “Top Entrepreneur” podcast to discuss the company’s origins as a one-man operation in his apartment, to becoming the 8th fastest-growing company in Canada in just six years.

Ross Paquette grew Maropost from a one-man operation in his apartment to a $160 million international SaaS company.

While a lot has changed over the course of Maropost’s expansion, with two platforms, Maropost for Marketing and Maropost for Commerce, Paquette has continuously ensured a commitment to our clients.

“The difference between the enterprise space and lower ACB spaces is that they’re not building a closer relationship with their customers — mainly because they can’t. It’s more of a self-serve product,” Paquette says. “And while we are self-service, we do a heavy amount of support.”

Paquette credits Maropost’s 24/7 support offering, along with talented customer success managers, for the company’s rapid growth.

To hear more about Maropost’s net worth or how it came to be one of North America’s fastest-growing tech companies, listen to the full podcast here.

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