SMS marketing is a text based form of mobile marketing. As it is mobile based, it is a relatively personal way of promoting a business’s goods and services.

In SMS marketing, mobile keywords are single words that can contain letters or numbers selected by a business as the go-to-word to be sent to a short phone number. This number is usually referred to as a short code.

Over 80% of consumers report that they wake up to check their phones in the morning. Compared to other medium such as emails, sms’s have a higher response rate.

This form of mobile marketing also has over 98% open rate. Clearly, when employed correctly, it can yield great results. Compared to other medium such as emails, sms’s have a higher response rate.

How to use mobile keywords for sms marketing:

This form of mobile marketing also has over 98% open rate.

6 Tips for more effective mobile keywords

1. Pick an SMS Marketing provider

The first step usually involves activating an sms messaging feature or employing the use of an sms marketing provider. Often times, there are options available to use both text and multimedia messages i.e. (MMS and SMS). Thereafter, the next step involves creating an ideal opt-in Keyword.

2. Keep it short

It is always best to use shorter keywords. These sms keywords will be easier to remember and will save your audience from having to type for long.

3. Keep it trackable

Regardless of the purpose of your sms campaign, it is advisable to have unique keywords for each of your campaigns. Let them be as many as required too. This way, you are able to pin down as well as track which is most effective.

4. Keep it simple

Avoid having to use special characters, space or multiple words. This would only serve to complicate things unnecessarily. Also adding these usually ends up breaking the first rule of generally keeping things short.

5. Make it memorable

One peculiar feature of campaigns like this, is how highly personalized they are. These Keywords for text messages have to be the type that can be easily committed to memory. Usually, subscribers don’t spare more than few glances when dealing with these Keywords, so, your best bet is to make it memorable.

6. Include the opt-out option

To join, most subscribers dial these Keywords or fill forms and submit their numbers. Just as the opt in option involves sending a specific Keyword to a short code and then confirming their subscription thereafter, an opt out option should also be provided. With this mobile Keyword, a subscriber would be able to exit your sms marketing list.

BIZSMS mobile keywords

SMS marketing provides a simple and direct medium for businesses to engage with audiences. These brief messages may include options to participate in incentivized contests, specialized offers, updates, as well as opt in polls or surveys. A mobile keyword like this can be sent to a short code, exclusively created by your sms marketing provider for business purposes.

As soon as customers opt in, capitalize on this to increase sales and revenue. Go to strategies include personalizing your messages, starting outrightly with your offer and using suitable Call to actions. Another great way of spurring action amongst your customers is creating a sense of exclusivity along with scarcity or urgency.

When creating these types of sms campaigns, work with sms marketing tools for analytics purposes. These provide valuable customer data which can be used to segment as well as improve future strategies.

A BIZSMS type of mobile Keyword can be pre-programmed and automated allowing the opportunity for your sms campaign to run on autopilot.

2FOR1 (couponing mobile keywords)

These types of mobile keywords are mainly centered on couponing. They also provide an opportunity for the collection of mobile numbers. This, along with subsequent granted permission, will set the pace for further interaction with these mobile users too.

These types of keywords should be used in campaigns with the offer boldly communicated. They are usually often crafted along the lines of “Take this action” i.e. ( the CTA) and get this and that.

It is also important to include a sense of urgency and elements of exclusivity too. Also, remember to include the opt-out option.

Alert keywords for higher engagement

A mobile keyword like this can deal with alerts, notifications, contests as well as all types of marketing updates. One great way of running these types of campaign is by building trust and loyalty via promising and delivering specific types of interactions.

Use unique keywords for campaigns like these. They should make sense and be properly correlated to the action to be taken.

Campaigns like these rely on continuous communication via text messages and work by keeping users engaged with whatever they have indicated they have preferences for.

For utmost effectiveness, elements of exclusivity should be used as well as clearly indicated limited timing. It is also important to note that because these marketing providers differ, different data rates and general rates may apply.

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