Make Your Emails More Mobile Friendly

In 2015, nearly two-thirds of Americans owned a smartphone. With the advancements in 2016 alone, make no mistake that when it comes to mobile, the revolution is here.

You need to take into consideration that email is the top-notch service available on these phones, ahead of Facebook and the web. Businesses have a greater chance to reach others with email marketing messages through these various popular gadgets that are utilized quite often.

Unfortunately, email marketing is not fully up with the mobile revolution. Many emails are not optimized for mobile viewing and interaction. Buttons on screens are usually too small and subscribers are compelled to put the effort into making zooming in to the screen, just to make things move around to view the email.

With the future rapidly pacing toward mobile-friendly email marketing. Here’s some suggestions to make sure your email campaign is properly optimized for users on mobile devices.

Firstly, you need to earn the trust of your subscriber. People need to know who the email is from and that is very much important for them to open. In the case that subscribers don’t know about the origin of the email or do not have any faith on the sender, they will just ignore your message. This issue is not just restricted to email. Trust can be earned or lost on social media, and through the other conventional channels.

Here are a few tips:

1. Think about your subject lines

The subject line is very powerful. With your audience possibly not being aware of who you actually are, The subject line presents a first impression.

2. Remember your preheaders

The preheader is generally the text that is above the image of the header. It is the first kind of text that you can view with ease. People often pay attention to this after the subject line and it helps serve a strong first impression.

3. Make your call to action obvious

This is a very pivotal aspect, and not only just for mobile-optimized emails. You need to ensure that your call to action is easy to find and undeniable by the reader.

When it comes to smartphones, real estate on the screen is at a premium. Subscribers will rarely seek out your call to action, so it has to find them. It helps to have links that are easy to click on, regardless of the size of an individual’s fingers.

4. Always take email design responsiveness into consideration

You need to make sure that the experience of the user is completely optimized irrespective of the platform and the gadget. The relevance of this is crucial as many of us are owners of smartphones and utilize the email as their main application.

Maropost for Marketing provides cross-channel campaigns, which is the content sent across email, web, mobile, and social campaigns.

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