5 Tips to Make Mobile-Friendly Emails:

In today’s society, marketers are very concerned with how their emails appear on mobile phones.

The ubiquity of smartphones has produced a crazy challenge. Email opens on mobile devices has increased by 30% from 2010 to 2015. If you’ve created emails that are not mobile-friendly, you might be missing great chances to engage with your subscribers and generate results. Here are tips on how to create mobile-friendly emails.

1. Make Your Design Simple, Your Content Short and Clear

Your message should be clear and direct to the point, but more importantly, it should be designed for mobile devices. Keep the design simple and clean and concentrate on the essentials.

2. Make your Calls to Action Hard to Miss

Don’t forget to include an obvious call to action, and to place it at the top of your email, where your customers can read it right away. Keep in mind you want to be as clear as possible. Convey to your readers just what you want them to do and make sure it is easy for them to follow. Want them to buy now or visit your website? Make sure that the link is quick to find and clickable. Don’t forget – on mobile, the finger is the mouse, so it is important that it is easy to click. Whatever action you want your readers to take, make sure it’s very easy to do.

3. Use a Single Column Template

Use simple layouts. While layers with multi-columns can make it easier for your readers to zoom or scroll, it makes it hard for them to navigate the content of your email and your essential call to action. Use a single column template to make your content more adaptable for all screen sizes.

4. Use the appropriate fonts

Don’t try and get too cute. It’s important to use a font that can be read easily. A recommended minimum font size is 14 point for the body and 22 point for the headlines. It’s also important to use an intense contrast of colors, such as dark text on a light background. Some people adjust the brightness level on their mobile device to save on battery charge. Strong color contrasts make your message much easier to read.

5. Be mindful of your images

Use only the images that are essential to your email – the recommended scope is one to three. The reason for this is that Apple iOS automatically allows images to show by default, but other mobile device platforms like Android turn off images by default. This makes it hard to know if your images will be displayed properly. If you add a bunch of images in it, your email might look like chunks of white space.

To ensure the mobile emails, you’ve sent out are responsive to all devices use Maropost for Marketing! M4M has hundreds of templates and allows you to create personalized emails to meet all your customer’s needs.

It is best that you include image descriptions to let the reader know what the image is even without seeing it. To make sure your email shows everything clearly, it is best that you preview it using a mobile device.

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