What are your marketing goals? They are likely along the lines of building brand awareness, engaging customers across various channels, increase business revenue and promote loyalty amongst your customer base. Encouraging site visitors or social media followers to subscribe to your email list can help you tick all of these boxes.

Developing a solid list of email subscribers takes time, and at times can be frustrating, but we’re here to help. These tips will help you inspire your audience to sign up for your emails and get them moving along the customer journey.


Tips for Building Your Email List

1. Set up landing pages

People may end up on your website from a variety of sources, from social media and review sites to search and digital advertising. Wherever they come from, make sure they land on a relevant page that gives them the information and nudge they need to subscribe. One general landing page isn’t effective, however; your audience will respond most to content that peaks their specific interests. Create several different newsletter subscription landing pages that a visitor will arrive to depending on where they came from.

The pages should include a brief description of what a person can expect when they sign up for your newsletter; a clean, eye-catching design with exciting images; a call-to-action; sign-up form requiring only the most important information, such as name and email address; and an incentive for signing up, if you so choose.

Need more tips for a solid landing page? Check out our recent blog post, “Creating a Landing Page that Converts.”


2. Feature calls to action

In addition to newsletter-specific landing pages, feature sign-up CTAs throughout the rest of your website. You want as many target customers to subscribe as possible, so make it easy for them! Clearly display these CTAs as much as possible without being too overbearing.

You can also make forms and CTAs dynamic by setting them to pop-up on your site prompted by visitor activity. For instance, if someone viewing your website scrolls through a blog post or product page for a specified amount of time (30 seconds, a minute, etc.), a box can appear with a form, offering a discount for subscribing. You know this visitor is already interested in what you have to offer; give them the push they need to join your email list.

Finally, use additional marketing channels to endorse subscribes. Your social pages, purchase and shipping confirmation emails, paid advertising, and more can be useful tools to get the word out.


3. Really sell it

You know that your emails have value, but your target customer may not be convinced right away. Not to mention, consumers are increasingly hesitant to give out their email addresses and other personal information until they know that it will have some sort of positive effects on their lives, whether by providing them education or offering discounts and deals on the products they love.

With this in mind, don’t beat around the bush. Make it clear what people will be getting from you when they subscribe to your list. Consider the benefits of your emails and message them out via all the avenues mentioned above.


Remember, Email List Decay is Inevitable

As your list grows, you will certainly lose some contacts, or notice some subscribers with low activity numbers. This is a natural part of list progression. Pay attention to upward or downward trends to iterate on your email strategy moving forward; include a plan for inactive subscribers so you’re ready to re-engage them.

Conducting organic list building doesn’t have to be a headache if you use the best practices laid out above and have a tool that supports you in your endeavors. Maropost for Marketing offers solutions for acquisition, deliverability, send-time optimization, and more to help marketers become office rockstars.


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