Along with the Maropost for Marketing, there are other avenues available that will help propel your marketing campaign to the next level. Developing your brand is only part of the challenge – you still have to attract as many eyes on your business as possible, which brings us to a bit of news that was broke Tuesday that could definitely be of great use.

Microsoft announced their acquisition of LinkedIn, a popular business-oriented social networking service, for an astronomical $26.2 billion. While LinkedIn has made its mark by connecting professionals, many have complained about the usability of the site recently.

However, with the financial and branding power of Microsoft behind the company that could mean major improvements coming very soon. The deal is expected to finalize sometime this calendar year and Microsoft has already began hinting at how they are expecting to make the most out of their new property.

But what does that mean for email marketing?

It could mean a great deal, LinkedIn is one of the top platforms for generating leads and marketing your products. How so? Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn has a professional business setting where individuals go in order to discuss their projects, look for work, learn trade tips, and enhance their portfolio.

This makes LinkedIn a strong platform to look towards when attempting to generate leads and make the most out of your time online. If you are running a LinkedIn group you can use the “Send An Announcement” feature to send a message to everyone in your group, which gives you an amazing tool in order to reach those most invested in your product or service.

Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn will only make such a feature more fluid, extend the possible outreach of your group, and give you another avenue for email campaigns. If you do not have a LinkedIn Group the time to get one is now! Your bottom line will benefit and your stress levels will reduce knowing you’re reaching an entire new pool of individuals that will generate a number of quality leads.

While combining efforts like this with our Maropost platform, you will see instant results – as email marketing continues to be a driving force in the market place which has stood the test of time.

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